Educational program meets modern international standards of high education and provides, along deep fundamental and technical training, also:
  •  extensive computer training
  •  extensive economical training
  •  extensive psychological and humanitarian training (psychology of collective relations, basics of personnel management, ethics of business relations, creativity development, logics etc..).

From the third course the students can start secondary education at military department with further receiving the rank of second lieutenant.

Chair of Metal Forming is recruiting students and for distance learning.


After graduating from university with our specialty, you will learn how to:

  •  design the dies and molds, design stamping equipment, mechanization and automation;
  •  use informational technologies and to work on modern computers,
  •  develop your own PC applications;
  •  master modern CAD systems in order to develop technological processes and to design the dies and equipment;
  •  management of production at any level (from the head of the site, machine shop, department director, and so on).

After graduating from university with our specialty, you can work:

  • as a mechanical engineer at any industrial plant,
  • in commercial structures (by the specialty or on a profile that is associated with the work on the PC)
  • the following positions:
  • as a research engineer,
  • as a software engineer,
  • as a design engineer
  • as a operation and maintenance of equipment engineer,
  • as a master.
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