Educational program “Cybersecurity”

Specialty opened in 2017. There is the possibility of budget and contract training in full-time.
Graduates will defend diplomas in the specialty 125 – “Cybersecurity”

Code: 125.01B
Higher Education: Bachelor
Duration of training: 3 years 10 months.
Qualification “Technical specialist in the field of computer technology”
Code: 125.01М
Higher education degree:
Master (educational and professional level)
Duration of training: 1 year 4 months
Qualification “Professional in the field of cybersecurity”
Master (educational and scientific level)
Duration of training: 1 year 9 months
Qualification “Professional researcher in the field of cybersecurity”

2018 admission statistics

Plan for the preparation of students in-depth study of the following areas:

  • modern technologies of secure programming;
  • cryptography and steganography;
  • anti-virus protection of computer systems;
  • computer network protection;
  • applied cryptology.

Main special educational disciplines:

Programming, basics of information security, cryptosystems and crypto protocols, circuit design of information security devices, information security management, software protection, web resource security, and others.