Educational disciplines

Autumn semester Spring semester
1 course
Programming, Part 1
Algebra programming
Fundamentals of Computer Engineering
Programming, Part 2
Architecture of operating systems
Algorithms and data structures
Discrete Mathematics, Part 1
Language for Professional Training
Higher Mathematics
Physical Education
2 course
Organization and design of databases
Discrete Mathematics Part 2
Object Oriented Programming Part 1
Probability theory
System programming
System software
Computer Electronics
Database Development and Application
Computer Circuitry Part 1
Object Oriented Programming Part 2
Computer Graphics
Management of IT Projects
Foreign Language

Physical Education
3 course
Computer architecture
Computer systems
Software engineering
Data protection algorithms
Website designing
Computer networks
Safe programming
Computer-aided design technology for computer systems
Reverse programming
Microprocessor programming
Designing server applications
Physical Education
4 course
Artificial intelligence systems
Information security software
System analysis
Computer systems and their testing
Embedded systems
Fundamentals of  Computational Intelligence
Designing of Mobile Applications
Signal and Image Processing
Parallel and Distributed Computing