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of the discipline “Jurisprudence”

Jurisprudence Part 1

Jurisprudence. Part 2

Presentations of new disciplines of the Department of Law:

Legal regulation of creation and development of startup projects in Ukraine

Information technology law

Regulatory and legal support of information security in national and international cooperation

Presentation department of law

presentation departmet of law part 1(1)

Each year, at least 7,000 students of NTU “KPI” study the legal discipline. The department provides teaching a general course for full-time students and part-time forms of study: “Law” and such courses as “Economic and Financial Law,” “Business Law”, “Legal intellectual property and information security”, “Employment”, “environmental law “,” Order of the rights to intellectual property rights and their protection, “” The legal framework for international business “,” Tax Law “,” Contract Law “,” Legal basis of management “who taught for individual specialties to the EC, BF, IT, IF faculties.

For all courses lecturers of the department developed training programs, plans, seminars, tests and practical tasks, the list of abstracts, and educational tools. In accordance with the requirements of the Bologna Charter on faculty have developed online courses in “Law”, “Principles of Constitutional Law of Ukraine”, “Legal regulation of foreign economic activity”, “Environmental Law”, “Business Law”, “Economic and Financial Law,” “Tax Law “” Contract Law “. For students of the Faculty of Business and Finance, who are learning the English language teachers of the department have been specially prepared lecture courses in “Law” and “Business Law”, developed plans for practical classes, assignments, for independent work in English.

All training courses are taught by lecturers of department, provided with necessary teaching materials:

–         Handbook neck MON «Innovation Management: Master Course”. / Ed .. prof. Breaks P.G. Sci. Pogorelova M.I. Sci. Mehovycha S.A., prof. Lark M.I. – Kharkov: A.P. Virovets “Apostrophe”,  2011. – 623 p. , (Perevalova L.V. Abram O.E. chapters XII, XIII “patent and copyright”, “International Law and Cooperation in innovation”) Part II stor.251 – 385.

–         Textbook “Economics and Management of Innovation Activity”:. /  Vasiliev N.G.,  Mishchenko I.V. (Co) – NTU “KPI”, 2011. – 628 p.

–         Textbook “The legal framework of intellectual property in Ukraine» /. O.E. Abram, L.V. Perevalova,  N.G. Vasiliev – NTU “KPI”, 2011. – 136 p.

–         Textbook “legal framework of intellectual property in Ukraine» /. O.E. Abram, L.V. Perevalova, I.V. Lysenko – NTU “KPI”, 2012. – 76 p.

–         Textbook “Labor Law” /. L.V. Perevalova, O.E. Abram, O.V. Hayevaya – NTU “KPI”, 2012. – 56 p.

–         Text of lectures “Commercial Law” / Verhun V.G. Perevalova L.V., Andriichenko .. – Kharkov: NTU “KPI”, 2011 – 114 p.

–         Textbook “Fundamentals of Environmental Law.” / Haryayeva G.M., Murenko O.L. – Kharkov: NTU “KPI”, 2010 – 60.

–         Teaching manual for international students. Economic legislation / Lysenko I.V., Vergun V.G.,  Perevalova L.V.. Kharkov: NTU “KPI”, 2012 – 160 p.

–         Teaching manual for international students. Jurisprudence. / Lysenko I.V. Kharkov: NTU “KPI”, 2012 – 116 p.

Lecturer of the department are constantly updating the electronic versions of the lecture notes for all courses that are taught. At meetings of the department and methodical seminars to consider the development of new curricula and Enforcement of courses taught in line with the Bologna process.