For admission to NTU “KPI” for study by our professions need to have certificates for mandatory testing of the following subjects:

Direction of training : “Applied Physics”

specialty “Radiophysics and Electronics”:

Ukrainian (mandatory baseline),
Physics (profile, base level)
Mathematics (optional);
Direction of preparation: “Computer Engineering”

specialty “Specialized Computer Systems”:

Ukrainian (mandatory baseline),
mathematics (profile, base level)
Physics (optional).
The formula to calculate the competitive score:

CB = 0,5P +0,2D + 0,2U + 0,1A,
СB – competitive score;
P – rating certificate for UPE core subjects;
D – rating certificate UPE supplementary discipline or score for a competition of physical possibilities for the direction “Physical Education”;
U – rating certificate UPE on the subject “Ukrainian language and literature”;
A – the average score of the certificate.

Admission Regulations in NTU “KPI” in 2015.

All nonresident students NTU “KPI” provided by the hostel.

At the department every day except Saturdays and Sundays from 14:00 to 15:00 consultations for students and their parents on university admission , study, selected occupations , and other problems . Replies may also be obtained by calling ( 057) -70-76-252 .