Head of department

Berezutskyi Viacheslav Vladimirovich
Dcs., professor, head of department of Labor and Environment Protection
fone: +38(057)-707-66-65, +380632440231
E–mail: Viacheslav.Berezutskyi@khpi.edu.ua

The research interests: safety of living human, purification of industrial wastewater, the development and the creation of closed water circulation systems of local industrial water use, regeneration of water-emulsion water etc.
With the help of V.V. Berezutskiy was developed a technology and equipment for water clearance, which contains chrome and other metal ions. This technology is based on the impurity withdrawal until the required technological norms areachived, with the following return in production. The main constructive difference of the proposed technology is the equipment developed by Viacheslav Vladimirovich. The technology and equipment have passed experimental-industrial examination and were implemented in the number of industrial enterprises of Kharkiv and Zaporizhja etc.

The scientific contribution consists of more than 250 works, in particular monographs “Theoretical basics of life safety”, “Technogenic safety of low emulsive water” and a study guide, called “The choice of means and methods for prevention of biosphere pollution by industrial wastewater”, “Ecological aspects of CLL usage”, and creation of study guides in a joint authorship “Basics of work safety”, “Laboratory practicum for the course “Basics of work safety”.
As a well-known scientist V.V. Berezutskiy is a member of the commission of the Ministry of education of Civil protection.