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17.11.2017 – Student’s Day. For active participation in the work of the academic group and exemplary academic success, individual students: МТ-55, МТ-54, МТ-53 were awarded with certificates!


Student Vereshchak Dmitry awarded the diploma of II-degree for the victory in the national student research 2016/2017 year in Science “Civil defense and fire safety.” Student Deynega Nicholas S. was awarded with the II degree diploma for the victory in the All-Ukrainian competition of student scientific works of the academic year 2016/2017 in the field of science “Applied Geometry, Engineering Graphics and Ergonomics”.


Student Deynega Nicholas S. III-awarded diploma degree a result of participation in the II stage of the Ukrainian student competition with professionally-oriented course “Civil Protection”, held 23-24 March 2017 in National Aviation University, Kyiv.


6 April (Thursday) at 12.00, aud. 12 rector’s corps, a meeting with representatives of the Higher School of Security (Poland) will be held. Students of M-53, MT-54, MT-55, MT-56 groups are invited.


February 27, 2016 – students of MT-55 took part in the Open Day of the Department of MT.


December 3-4, 2015 – Our students participated in the organization of the VII International scientific-technical conference “Human security in modern conditions”, held at NTU “KPI”.


March 24, 2015 – Students took part in the competition on the subject “Ergonomics” (NTU “KhPI”).
25-26 March 2015 – the students of MT-53, MT-54 took part in the Olympics in the disciplines of “Civil Protection” and “Fundamentals of Labour protection”, which took place at the National University of Civil Defence of Ukraine (Kharkiv).

5-6 December 2013 – V International Scientific and Methodological Conference “HUMAN SECURITY IN MODERN CONDITIONS.” All students are invited to participate.
Materials Regional Student Conference “Kharkiv, students, ecology.” – Kharkiv, NTU “KPI”, 2013. – 200 P. – View or download (PDF).
Materials V International Scientific and Methodological Conference “HUMAN SECURITY IN MODERN CONDITIONS”. – Kharkiv, NTU “KPI”, 2013. – 181 P. – View or download (PDF).