Graduate school

The National Technical University “Kharkov Polytechnic Institute” has a doctoral and post-graduate course. This makes it possible for students who have excelled in their studies to continue their professional growth and start a pedagogical or scientific career at the university. The term of study in the graduate school is 4 years, there is a budgetary form of payment. Both citizens of Ukraine and citizens of other countries are accepted for training. Scientific advisers and consultants of postgraduate students and doctoral candidates are highly qualified candidates and doctors of sciences. 15 specialized scientific councils for the protection of doctoral and candidate dissertations work at the departments of the University.

The department of TMMiSAPR in its composition has two doctors and 12 candidates of technical sciences. Training of specialists of the highest qualification can be carried out both with a separation and without separation from production. Training is conducted in the following areas of engineering:

List of specialties for recruiting and training highly qualified specialists (cipher, branch of science, specialty):


  • 05.02 – Machine Science
  • 05.08 – Technology of machine building
  • 02.09 – Dynamics and durability of machines
  • 03.05 – Processes and machines for processing pressure
  • 13.06 – Information technology
  • 20.14 – Armament and military equipment

In total, 1 doctoral and 16 candidate dissertations were defended.

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