Department of Theoretical Electrical Engineering was headed at different times by Professors V.L. Benin, Yu.R. Dryker, P.M. Yegorov, V.P. Samsonov, O.L. Rezynkin. Currently Department is headed by Dr.Sc. M.M. Rezynkina. The achievements of the Department staff in science include fundamental works in electrical engineering by Professor P.P. Kopnyayev, development of operational calculations by O.M. Yefros, fundamental works on automatic frequency control of power plants in power systems of the Soviet Union and Ukraine by Professor V.L. Benin, applied theory of control systems and diagnostics of diesel electric units by Professor A.M. Borysenko, participation in the international space projects under guidance of senior researcher M.M. Hlybytskyi. Now scientific researches of the Department are connected with mathematical and physical modeling of electrical physical processes in different mediums upon electromagnetic fields influence for solution of the electromagnetic and Bio electromagnetic compatibility problems.

The staff of the Department is involved in teaching of the following courses: «Theoretical Bases of the Electrical Engineering», «Theory of Electric and Magnetic Circuits», «Technical Electrodynamics», «General Electric Engineering», «Theory of Electrical and Electronic Circuits». Disciplines taught by the Department are the fundamental basis for the specialists in the electrical engineering specialties. Every year the Department teaches more than to a thousand students.

The Department carries researches in the field of electromagnetic compatibility and stability of technical objects to the action of powerful electromagnetic fields as well as studies of electrical physical processes in nonlinear media under the influence of pulsed electromagnetic fields.