Scientific research

Scientific activity is the study of the chemistry and technology of polymers and creating of new types of film-forming materials and coatings for high-performance and long-time corrosion protection of various facilities.

Research work at the department:
– Creation of new environment friendly paints and polymer composites based on renewable raw materials of Ukraine – pentosans (furfural, furfural alcohol, ether furfurilglycidyl and their derivatives);
– Synthesis of new functional monomers, oligomers and polymer networks based on them:
Oligo-(poly)ethers with adjustable structure and desired properties for coatings with high solids.
In the industry introduced a number of scientific research:
– advanced technology of synthesis of alkyd resins;

– environment friendly technology of driers synthesis;
– chemical resistant polyurethane composites, polyurethane screeds, alkyd-urethane coatings, etc.
– established the production of water-dispersed silica coatings based on modified liquid glass for facades and interiors as alternative way of acrylic dispersions usage;
– biocides for paints and as active disinfectants for agriculture, poultry, swine and cattle;