“Winter Kahutiada❄️” – a new format of holidays with Polytech – 9.01 at 13:00.

KhPI requests schoolchildren to attend the “Winter Kahutiada” ❄️- a new format of holidays with Polytech.

New quizzes and an atmosphere of fun are
waiting for you!🤓

Come online at Telegram from 8 to 12 Monday, starting at 10:00 and today there is a new topic and quiz.

These are 4️⃣0️⃣ new interesting and educational quizzes dedicated to winter and New Year holidays.

Kahoot-quizzes follow the layout in the video chat format.

The main novelty is the individual creation and identification of absolute winners, which will allow you to win prizes!

Our department is waiting for you on Monday 9 at 13:00 Kahoot quiz “New automation”.

🔗Join – at the link: https://t.me/KhPI_Kahoot_holidays

❓If there are any questions: http://t.me/KahootKhpiBot

The program of the event was developed by young scientists of NTU “KhPI”.

📌More details: https://www.kpi.kharkov.ua/ukr/2024/01/04/shkolyariv-zaproshuyut-na-svyatkovi-kanikuly-z-politehom-programa/