126«Information Systems and Technologies»

Information Systems Software is the educational programme of the specialty 126 “Information Systems and Technologies” which implicates educational and professional (1.5 years) and educational and scientific (1.9 years) training programme, provides for the training of specialists in the development of software for specialized information systems using modern technologies. The curriculum was developed on the basis interaction of the SEMIT Department with leading European universities in France, Italy, Germany, Sweden, Liechtenstein, Norway, Slovenia and Lithuania within the framework of the international MASTIS project.

About the educational programme:
The aim of the educational programme is to train specialists focused on the development, implementation and operation of information systems in the enterprise field. An indispensable part of the programme is a collaboration with the Slovakian University School of Engineering and Management of Public Administration in Bratislava (VSEMvs) within the double degree programme.

Basic disciplines of the educational programme: “Intelligent data analysis and knowledge extraction”, “Development and implementation of information systems”, “Project management of information systems”, “Databases and data storages”, “Security of information systems”, “Strategy of information systems”, “Introduction to DevOps”, “IT Infrastructure”, “Analysis and Management of Information System Software Requirements”.

Participation in double degree programmes with universities in Austria, Sweden, Slovakia, France is possible. There is also a mobility programme with universities in Slovenia.

After getting a Master’s degree, graduates work in the following positions: Business Analyst, architects (Architect, System Analyst), software developers (Middle, Senior Developer), testers (QA engineer), specialists in the field of software development management (Project Manager), system engineers (DevOps).

Qualifications: Master of Information Systems and Technology.

126 – 1.4

126 – 1.9

126 master (final)