122«Computer Science and Intelligent Systems»

Educational program “Computer Science and Intelligent Systems”

Level of higher education: First (Bachelor)
Field of knowledge: 12 Information Technology
Specialty: 122 Computer Science
Qualification: Bachelor of Science in Computer Science

Objective of the educational program

Training of specialists capable of conducting theoretical and experimental research in the field of computer science and intelligent control systems; applying mathematical methods and algorithmic principles in modeling, designing, developing and maintaining intelligent control technologies; developing, implementing and maintaining intelligent systems for analyzing and processing data of organizational, technical, natural, and socio-economic systems.

Features of the educational program

Professional training of specialists in the field of computer science and intelligent systems.

Special education in the field of information technology in the specialty 122 – “Computer Science”, which provides in-depth study of mathematical modeling methods, information technology for the development of intelligent systems, as well as in-depth study of a foreign language for IT professionals.

Keywords: computer science, intelligent control systems, information technology.

Focus on partnerships with domestic and foreign educational and scientific institutions, the private sector, scientists and practitioners, and participation in international programs.

The training is carried out using innovative pedagogical technologies, in particular, the project approach in the training laboratory “Innovation Campus” of NTU “KPI”, where students have the opportunity to master practical skills in software development and testing, as well as develop soft skills that are necessary for a modern specialist in computer science and intelligent systems to work in IT companies and IT departments.

Practical training in IT companies and students’ participation in real projects.

Opportunity to study in English.

Employment opportunities

In leading IT companies and in research and development departments of enterprises and organizations in various sectors of the national economy on positions:

  • Data Analyst, Data Scientist;
  • Software Engineer;
  • Machine Learning Engineer, Business Intelligence Engineer;
  • Software QA Engineer;
  • Software Project Manager;
  • and other positions related to the software development, maintenance and quality assurance.

Partner companies
Partner universities
International mobility programs

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