Project is devoted to experimental stand creation for accelerometer calibration measurements experiments. Project includes hardware, algorithmic, methodology and software approach. Authors of the project are 5-6 grade students lead by professor Uspenskyi .

Экспериментальная установка

Pic.2. Experimental stand

Students Oleg Zvjagintchev, Nicolay Melnik and professor Uspenskyi  during 2008–2010 years finished « Creation of demonstration stand and methodology of error model parameters identification for biaxial micro accelerometer ADXL203» project. The project is connected with inertial sensors calibration problem. Such sensors are used in multiple integrated navigation systems. Students created experimental stand (Picture 2) and methodology for accelerometer errors model identification.

The research includes methodology for data transformation scale quotient identification, zero offset, accelerometer axis misalignment. Desired experiment conditions were identified and experimental data was received. Also project includes methodology for data processing, verification and effectiveness assessment.