Scientific committee is the organ of the Academic Council of Faculty of Physical Engineering, which is created to deepen the interaction between the departments of the faculty in the field of cooperation in scientific research as well as in international co-operation.

The tasks solved by the Scientific Committee are:

  • assistance in the preparation of joint inter-departmental scientific projects and grant applications;

  • assistance in creating and advising groups of young scientists of the faculty that will prepare joint scientific projects;

  • development of international scientific cooperation with universities in Europe and the world, the celebration of outstanding scientists of the world level, which make a significant contribution to international scientific cooperation, especially with the departments of the Faculty of Physical Engineering. For this purpose, the Scientific Committee establishes and maintains, in cooperation with the Association of Graduates of the NTU “KhPI”, the procedure of awarding the annual ‘Lyapunov Award’.

  • assistance in organizing international and other scientific conferences

  • other issues that will promote the development of scientific research at the faculty.