He graduated from NTU “KhPI” in 2005 with a degree in “Chemical technology of fuel and carbon materials” and obtained the qualification of chemical engineer-researcher.
In 2009 he defended his dissertation for the degree of Candidate of Technical Sciences.
In 2021 he defended his dissertation for the degree of Doctor of Technical Sciences.
Candidate of Technical Sciences in the specialty 05.22.20 – operation and repair of vehicles (2009), “Improving the efficiency of operation of buses, optimizing the timing of replacement of motor oils.”
Doctor of Technical Sciences, specialty 05.17.07 – chemical technology of fuels and fuels and lubricants (2021), “Scientific and practical basis for obtaining plastic oils from secondary raw materials.”
Academic status
Associate Professor of Fuel and Carbon Materials (2013).
Professor of the Department of Oil, Gas and Solid Fuel Processing Technologies.
Research interests
– Development of technologies for the production of motor and boiler fuels from crude oil.
– Processing of secondary raw materials into motor fuels and lubricants.
– Development of recipes for motor fuels and lubricants.
– Development of express methods for determining the quality of petroleum products.
– Research on the issues of rational storage and use of oil products.
Lecture courses
– Introduction to,
– Oil storage equipment,
– Automotive consumables,
– Methods for determining the quality of oil, gas and refined products,
– Physics and chemistry of fuels, oils, lubricants,
– Modern methods of processing combustible minerals,
– Recycling in chemical technology.
He is the leader of projects and research works of bachelors, masters, doctors of philosophy.
(057) 707-61-92