He graduated from KhPI Lenin in 1984 in the specialty “Chemical technology of solid fuels” and qualified as an engineer-technologist.
In 1991 he defended his dissertation for the degree of candidate of technical sciences.
Candidate of Technical Sciences in specialty 05.17.07 – Chemical technology of fuel and gas “(1991),” Research and development of the criterion of readiness of heated charges for molding and rational technological parameters of molding in the production of molded coke. “
Academic status
Senior Researcher, specialty 05.17.07 “Chemical technology of fuel and gas” (1995);
Associate Professor of Chemistry, Ecology and Production Technology (1996).
Associate Professor of Oil, Gas and Solid Fuel Processing Technologies.
Research interests
– Thermochemical technologies for obtaining substitutes for oil and natural gas refining products from coal (thermolysis, gasification, semi-coking).
– New coking technologies (without catching chemicals, molded coke).
– Improving the production technology of coke.
– The use of coke in the blast furnace process.
– Energy saving in coke production.
Lecture courses
– Fundamentals of technologies for processing solid combustible minerals.
– Equipment for the production of solid combustible minerals
He is the leader of projects and research works of bachelors, masters, doctors of philosophy.
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