The Department provides training bachelors and masters in applied mathematics and computer science and is among the recognized leaders of computer and mathematical education in Ukraine.

Training at the department is carried out in the following specialties:

  • Specialty “Applied Mathematics”, educational program “Intellectual Data Analysis”.

  • Specialty “Computer Science”, educational program “Information Technologies for Big Data”.

Among the students of the department – the winners and prize-winners of the All-Ukrainian and International Olympiads and championships in mathematics, computer science and programming, scholarship holders of the President and the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine. Student teams trained at the department twice went to the finals of the ACM-ICPC World Programming World Championship.

Graduates of the department work in such well-known IT companies as Google, Facebook, Amazon, IBM, Samsung Electronics, Nix Solutions, Greed Dynamics, Global Logic, Alt Soft, Clod Works, Insart, Ring Lab, Sigma Software, etc.

The teaching staff is 26 person, including 4 Professors, Dc. Sc. 16 Associate Professors, PhD.

The Department is headed by the Laureate of the State Prize of Ukraine, Academician of the Academy of Sciences of High School of Ukraine, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor

Leonid Lyubchyk

Skype: leonid._lyubchyk