The Department of Computer Mathematics and Data Analysis implements an innovative educational project for the training of specialists in the field of “Data Science” and “Big Data”:

• Educational program “Intelligent Data Analysis” on the basis of the specialty “Applied Mathematics”

• Educational program “Information Technologies of Big Data” on the basis of the specialty “Computer Science”.

Professional activity of graduates is connected with the development of mathematical methods, algorithms and software systems for analysis, processing and visualization of data for the purpose of searching and extracting knowledge and forecasting, creation and processing of super-large data arrays in relation to tasks of analysis of texts, signals and images, decision-making, development and support the infrastructure and architecture of Big Data, data management of enterprises of various industries.

Major consumers of graduates of specialization are large companies and organizations that implement the practice of collecting and processing large amounts of data, including in external data centers, and are interested in using large accumulated arrays of information for analysis, forecasting, decision-making, and IT companies – developers of software products for working with large data.

The department implements a pilot project on the development, testing and implementation of an innovative educational system based on project-based learning, inquiries, peer-to-peer P2P peer-learning and game-learning process within the framework of the World Initiative for the reform of engineering education CDIO Initiative

The basis of the concept of training specialists on the department is the dual system of education, based on a combination of intensive and deep fundamental training in the field of applied mathematics and computer science with practical training in the field of software engineering and data engineering on the basis of project training, conducted at the branches and basic enterprises of the department in the leading Ukrainian and international IT companies. To the program implementation, in addition to the teachers of the department, well-known scientists and specialists from the universities of Kharkov and Ukraine, foreign universities, IT industry are involved.

The project is implemented with the support and in cooperation with NIX Solutions Ltd., together with the specialists of which special educational programs are developed, as well as the methodology of project training.