Semenov Serhii Gennadievich

Position: Head of Department of Computer Engineering and Programming

Scientific degree: doctor of technical sciences, 05.13.05 – computer systems and components
Theme of dissertation: Methods and means for distributing an access and protection of data in computerized information control systems of critical using

Scientific title: Senior Researcher in the specialty 05.13.03 “Systems and Control Processes”

The names of the disciplines:
1. Computer systems and their testing – lec., pract. and lab. classes;
2. Monitoring and diagnostics of computer systems – lec., pract. and lab. classes;
3. Optimization of processes in multiservice systems and networks – lec., pract. and lab. classes.

Information on scientific activities:

Scientific supervisor in postgraduate studies. He is the author of more than 150 educational, scientific and methodical works, including 3 monographs, 5 textbooks, more than 80 scientific articles.

  1. Семенов С.Г., Гавриленко С.Ю., Давыдов В.В. Защита данных в компьютеризированных управляющих системах (монография) / Изд. «LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing» Саарбрюкен, Германия, 2014
  2. Semenov S., Gavrylenko S. Approximating computer system operation technologies under external action through the brusselator model with perturbation in the form of dynamic chaos / Revista RECENT – Industrial Engineering Journal – Transilvania University of Brasov – Romania, Vol. 16 (2015), No. 1 (44), March 2015
  3. Semenov S., Zmiyevskaya V N., Kassem Khalife Development of Gert model of management system by using test cases / Journal of Qafqaz university-mathematics and computer science 2016, Vol.(4), № 1

Research interests: protection of information in computer systems and networks, optimization of computer and information and telecommunication systems

Evening Corps, room 309
tel. 707-61-65, 067-579-30-82, 050-300-76-47.