Our partners:






The firms EPAM (audience 313 VC) and GlobalLogic (audience  305 VC) conduct trainings for our students.

Training Topics Java (EPAM)
Part1. Java core (encodings, data types, language constructs, classes, interfaces, UML, patterns, internationalization, regular expressions, exceptions, streaming input / output, multi-threaded calculations, collections).
Part2. Web programming (XML, XSD, JAXB, DOM, SAX, StAX, JAXP, JDOM, SQL, RDBMS, JDBC, DAO, HTML, HTTP, JSP, JSTL, Servlets).


Training Topics Linux kernel (Global Logic)
Part 1. Introduction (Bash, Git, C Programming in Linux, Linux kernel coding style, Writing Secure Code in C, CERT C Coding Standard, Make).
Part 2. Linux kernel (Virtual file system, Programming interface, Resources, Modules, Dependencies, Character device, Device drivers).

Our graduates:

Suma Abubakar after graduation returned to his homeland in Guinea. Abubakar speaks French, knows English well and, one might say, speaks excellent Russian! Arriving in Ukraine, he studied at a sub-faculty at one of the universities in the city of Odessa, but then he still preferred Kharkov. He believes that he was very lucky: he received a high-quality education at NTU “KhPI”, made many good acquaintances and loyal friends.
He prepared his master’s work under the leadership of the head of the Computer Engineering and Programming Department, professor, Doctor of Technical Sciences S.G. Semenov. The theme of the work is “Development of a system for storing graphic content in cloud computing resources”. The project defended perfectly.

Suma Abubakar is confident that the knowledge gained at the Kharkov Polytechnic will help to open her own business at home.



Suvkhanov Ilmurad defended his master’s work under the leadership the professor of  the Сomputer Engineering and Programming Department,  Doctor of Technical Sciences V.D. Dmitrienko. Work theme: “Development and research neural network associative memory”.

He is confident that his knowledge will help to successfully study in graduate school and defend his dissertation.