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NTU “KHPI” introduces three week quarantine

The administration of NTU “KhPI” takes measures to prevent the disease with the coronavirus COVID-19. In accordance with the order of the rector No. 151-OD in NTU “KhPI” from 12/03/2020 to 03/03/2020 quarantined. It involves the transfer of training to distance learning, the prohibition of mass events on the territory of the university during the quarantine period.


The winners of the start-ups of the CIG R & D Lab educational and scholarship program

Congratulations to the winners of the start-ups of the CIG R & D Lab educational and scholarship program (Research and Development Laboratory Chernovetskyi Investment Group) from the Department of Computer Engineering and Programming of NTU “KhPI” consisting of Yaloveg Vladislav Anatolyevich and Glavcheva Daria Maximovna with a victory among 33 student teams and receiving a scholarship to develop their the project “Investigation of the fire hazard of forest territories through the use of capsule and convolutional neural networks”, as well as mentoring support and advice from experts from various fields.

Changing cipher of academic groups

In connection with the introduction of higher education standards from the academic year 2019/2020 in accordance with Order No. 514 OD of November 5, 2019, the ciphers of academic groups were changed:

Bachelor 2 course:

1.КІТ101.8аі to  КІТ-118іа
1.КІТ101.8бі to  КІТ-118іб
1.КІТ102.8аі to  КІТ-118ів
1.КІТ102.8бі to  КІТ-118іг
1.КІТ102.8eі to  КІТ-118і.e

Bachelor 3 course:

КІТ-17бі  to  КІТ-117іб
КІТ-27аі  to  КІТ-117ів
КІТ-27бі  to КІТ-117іг
КІТ-27кі  to КІТ-117і.е

Bachelor 4 course:

КІТ-16аі  to  КІТ-116іа
КІТ-26аі  to  КІТ-116ів
КІТ-26бі  to  КІТ-116іг

Master 2 course:

2.КІТ102п.8і to  КІТ-М118ів

II place in the competition for racing autonomous robots for the Cup of Lviv Polytechnic

Congratulations to Bugai Vladislav and Malohviy Eduard (KIT-26a) on the second place in the competition “All-Ukrainian competitions in autonomous robot racing for the Cup of Lviv Polytechnic”, which was held on October 24-26, 2019 in Lviv.
Beating 26 competing robots, the guys confirmed the prize II place twice! (there was a replay of the final race), while they participated in the difficult nomination RoboRace for the first time.
We wish you further success !!!!



Victory at the International competition of student research papers «Black Sea Science 2019″

Students of the department “Computer Engineering and Programming” Yalovega Vladislav (group 2.KIT102p.8) and Glavcheva Daria (group KIT-26a) became winners of the International competition of student research papers “Black Sea Science 2019” based on the Odessa National Academy of Food Technologies, where they took III a place.

Scientific adviser: Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor Georgiy Anatolyevich Kuchuk.

I place in the All-Ukrainian competition of student works in the direction of “INFORMATION TECHNOLOGIES” ON THE BASIS of the Khmelnitsky National University


March 28, 2019 at the final conference of the All-Ukrainian competition of student works in the field of “Information Technologies” on the basis of the Khmelnitsky National University, students of the faculty “Computer Engineering and Programming” Yalovega Vladislav Anatolyevich and Glavcheva Daria Maksimovna took the first place.

They made a presentation on the topic “Study of the fire danger of forest areas using capsular and roll neural networks” and were announced prize winners among 80 works from 40 higher educational institutions of Ukraine.

Supervisor: Associate Professor of the VTP Department of  NTU “KPI”, Ph.D. Podorozhnyak Andrey Alekseevich.

Happy Birthday

Dear Stanislav Iosifovich!

We sincerely congratulate you with 81-st birthday and express you our respect and gratitude for your honest and diligent work. You are a professional in your field!

We wish you a long life, good health, happiness and well-being, as well as the fulfillment of all your good intentions and undertakings.

With respect, a team of students, teachers and employees of department


November 28, 2018 on the basis of the National Technical University “Kharkiv Polytechnic Institute” by the department of “Computer Engineering and Programming” will be held the Regional School Olympiad of Ukraine “ROBO-kids 2018”. Students and clubs of Ukraine involved in robotics are invited to participate.

The goal of the ROBO-kids 2018 Olympiad is to popularize technical specialties and modern trends in the development of science and technology, to improve the theoretical knowledge and practical skills of programming microprocessor technology.

For teams from the city of Kharkiv or the region, the department “Computer Engineering and Programming” organizes training in the direction of the Olympiad (based on schools) and provides material and technical support for the standard design during training and competitions.

Registration of participants from 14-00, 28.11.18.
The competition starts at 15-10.
Help by phone. 050-100-78-16.