Changing cipher of academic groups

In connection with the introduction of higher education standards from the academic year 2019/2020 in accordance with Order No. 514 OD of November 5, 2019, the ciphers of academic groups were changed:

Bachelor 2 course:

1.КІТ101.8аі to  КІТ-118іа
1.КІТ101.8бі to  КІТ-118іб
1.КІТ102.8аі to  КІТ-118ів
1.КІТ102.8бі to  КІТ-118іг
1.КІТ102.8eі to  КІТ-118і.e

Bachelor 3 course:

КІТ-17бі  to  КІТ-117іб
КІТ-27аі  to  КІТ-117ів
КІТ-27бі  to КІТ-117іг
КІТ-27кі  to КІТ-117і.е

Bachelor 4 course:

КІТ-16аі  to  КІТ-116іа
КІТ-26аі  to  КІТ-116ів
КІТ-26бі  to  КІТ-116іг

Master 2 course:

2.КІТ102п.8і to  КІТ-М118ів

Posted on: 26.11.2019