The department “Computer Engineering and Programming” is one of the first and leading departments in Ukraine.

The department trains specialists (programmers, system programmers, system administrators) in the field of computer systems and networks, computer software and hardware, programming of mobile devices and computer games, cybersecurity.

The department is preparing for the educational and professional level of bachelor and master specialty 123 “Computer Engineering” in three educational programs:

  • Computer systems and networks
  • System Programming
  • Programming mobile devices and computer games

and the specialty 125 “Cybersecurity”.

Head of the Department: Semenov Serhii Gennadievich.

Contact phone numbers:

tel. 067-579-30-82
tel. 050-300-76-47

Deputy Head of the Department for academic work: Zykov Igor Semenovich.

Deputy Head of the Department for scientific work: Dmitrienko Valery Dmitrievich.

The department of “Computer Engineering and Programming” collaborates with leading IT-companies in Kharkov. This allows students of the department to take internships and participate in programs that are conducted by our partners.

In the process of treaning, our students study and use:

  • operating systems: Windows, Unix, Linux;
  • languages ​​and programming  environments: C #, C ++, Visual C ++, Microsoft Visual Studio, Builder, Delphi, PHP, Java, HTML, WPF, JavaScript, Python, Assembler;
  • DBMS: Oracle, MS SQL, MySQL, Access;
  • CAD: OrCad, AutoCAD, Compass, PCAD, SolidWorks;
  • graphics packages: Photoshop, CorelDraw, Inkscape, 3D Studio MAX, Morph, GIF Animator;
  • mathematical packages: MatLAB, Statgraphics, Statistica, Mathematica, SPSS, Derive.

The training is conducted in conjunction with leading software developers of Ukraine, presenting the latest technologies for creating modern software and real-world development of customers around the world, without interrupting the learning process.

Our graduates successfully work as system programmers, leading programmers, 1C-programmers, system analysts, system and network administrators, developers of web applications and web designers, database administrators, developers of complex radio engineering devices, as well as information controllers. systems, testers, communications specialists, heads of IT-departments and computer security departments, as well as occupy other positions requiring high-quality education in the field of information technology.