Department of Philosophy

Bachelor’s degree
1) Philosophy
The discipline «Philosophy» is aimed at the mastering of the essence, meaning and peculiarities of Philosophy, its basic stages and its role in the society as well as at learning the contribution of foreign and native thinkers into the human science.
2) Logics
The discipline «Logics» is aimed at the developing of the logical thinking of the students, at enriching them with the knowledge on Logics and its interconnection with other areas of scientific knowledge.

Master’s degree
The discipline «Modern philosophical problems of scientific cognition» provides in-depth studying of the social being problem, the dialectical interconnection between the natural and the social, the functioning of consciousness in the process of the human formation, the system of the connections and the relations ensuring further development of humankind.

Post-graduate degree
The discipline «Outlook and social-and-cultural basis of the scientific and technical activity» forms wide worldview and theoretical knowledge of postgraduate students, especially in the sphere of scientific and technical activities as well as it is aimed at the further increasing of the students’ outlook positions in the contemporary life.

Post-graduate studies in Philosophy
The branch of knowledge – 03 Humanities
Specialty – 033 Philosophy
The education degree – Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.)

Special courses of the department for Post-graduate studies in Philosophy
• Philosophical analysis of modern society
• Ancient, Medieval and Renaissance philosophy
• Ukrainian philosophy: traditions and novations
• Philosophical anthropology
• Modern Western philosophy
• Philosophy of policy and law
• Contemporary philosophy
• Philosophy of intellectual-and-cognitive technologies
• Science and technics ontology
• Humanitarian problems of high-technologies

Staff of the department
It includes 12 lecturers. There are 3 Doctors of Philosophical sciences (2 professors), 6 candidates of Philosophical sciences. They work on the research topic “Philosophical problems of human and culture”. Lecturers take active part in the Ukrainian and the international conferences, and they are successfully published in the scientific issues; they work on the philosophical monographs, textbooks and manuals.

Head of department of Philosophy
Doctor of Philosophical sciences, professor Tararoev Yakov is a head of the department since 2014. He is a specialist in the area of philosophy of science. He specialises in the problem of Ontology of science. He is an author of the original concept of Ontological basis of modern natural science knowledge. He is an author of more than 70 scientific works.