Breslavsky Dmitry

Breslavsky Dmitry

  • Doctor of Technical Science
  • Head of Department of Control Systems and Processes.
  • Professor at Control Systems and Processes

Academic of High school education Academy of Science of Ukraine in Mechanics and Mechanical Engineering (2006).

Award of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine “For Scientific Achievements” (2010). The winner of the XIII region competition “The Best Names of Higher School of Kharkov Region” in nomination “Dean of Faculty” (2010).

Member of the European Society of Mechanics (EuroMech, 1998), Ukraine National Committee of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics (2001).

Member of editorial board of “Journal of Mechanical Engineering Science”, UK, member of editorial boards of Ukrainian scientific journals.

Research Mechanical Engineer in Dynamics and Strength of Machines, Faculty of Physical Engineering NTU “KhPI” (1984).

Engineer (1984-1986), PhD student (1986-1989), Research Fellow (1989-1992), Senior Research Fellow (1992-1995) at Department of Dynamics and Strength of Machines NTU “KhPI “, Senior Research Fellow at Department of Theoretical Mechanics (1995-1996), Doctoral student at Department of Dynamics and Strength of Machines NTU “KhPI ” (1996-1999).

PhD in Dynamics and Strength of Machines (1990). Scientific adviser and consultant – prof. Oleg Morachkovsky. Doctor of Technical Science in Dynamics and Strength of Machines (2000). Dozent (Associate professor) (1999-2000), Professor at Department of Control Systems and Processes (Automatic Control of Motion) ( from 2000).

Author of more than 140 scientific papers and conference proceedings, co-author of 3 monographs, textbook for students. Scientific adviser of 5 defended PhD Theses.

List of courses taught: “Equations of Mathematical Physics”, “Numerical Methods of Mathematical Physics”, “Programming”.

Scientific interests: Physically Nonlinear problems in Solid Mechanics (Creep, Damage and Fracture under Cyclic and Impact Loading), Finite Element Method, Information Technologies in Mechanics.

Main scientific achievements of prof. Breslavsky are obtained in the field of Creep theory. He developed together with prof. O.Morachkovsky the Theory of Creep-Damage behavior of solids under cyclic loading and heating. The approach is used in numerical calculations of structures in Aviation, Power and Chemical Engineering. The paper in “Journal of Strain Analysis” (UK, 2000) had been included the developed approach was awarded as the best paper by CEGB Prize 2000.


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