About Department

About the Department:

1950 at the faculty started training specialists in the direction of electrical isolation and cable technology – the new area of knowledge, which determines the durability and reliability, size, weight and cost of wide range electrical profile products. 1964 a new specialty was the basis for the creation of the department “Electrical insulation and cable technology”. During  1950-2005, the Power engineers were more than 2,400 graduates. Many of our graduates have taken a leading positions in the industry and CEOs, chief engineers and chief technologists large factories of Ukraine and CIS countries. In Kharkov, a CEO of one of the best in Ukraine cable factory “Pivdencabel” t. s. c. Zolotarev V. M., chief engineer, e. s. c. Karpushenko V. P., general director of “Ukrelectroremont” A. M. Zelenyi, chief engineer of the association Dyachenko S. M., and in Ukraine – the general director of the plant “Azovcabel” chief engineer “Odescabel ‘chief engineer “Donbasscabel” and many others, whose fate and distribution commission scattered throughout the post-soviet space − from Khabarovsk and Komsomolsk on Amur to Tallinn and Chisinau from Syktyvkar to Yerevan. Despite the modern relationship complexity between the producers of this “difficult” products, they are constantly going to the sections “Intercabel”, “Ukrcabel” the department meetings annual seminar, alumni, retaining the spirit KhPI: the desire for a new, mutual responsibility for assigned work, and of course, thanks to his lecturer, who started the department. This is the first head of the department J. V. Bahaliy, a relative of our famous compatriot academician J. I. Bahaliy− he distinguished professionalism, punctuality, lecturing skills; L.I. Lyzunov, WWII veteran, defender of Leningrad − t. s. c., Associate Professor, the Electricity Faculty Dean, a specialist in cable technology; V. I. Slupska, which was organized laboratory practice.

His significant contribution to the educational process organization made associate R. S. Elijinska, Z. B. Zelenska, V. I. Totskiy, V. D. Bezsmertny, J. B. Obolonchyk, S. F. Staruseva, L. A. Schebenyuk.

It is in those 70, years formed the main subject specialties that make up its foundation and now. This “Electrical materials”, “Dielectrics Physics”, “Cable technology”, “Condenser technology” technological discipline − “Electrical isolation test methods” and others.

Years passed. The industry needed personnel, able to create and maintain one of the most automated − cable production – combine precise calculations and new technologies. In the curriculum, new discipline, “Electrical isolation mathematical modeling”, “Modern insulation testing laboratory equipment”, “Electrical insulation monitoring and diagnostics”, “Electrical insulation reliability and diagnostics”, “High voltage electric lines isolation” set forth. Sc.., professor of B. G. Naboka, t. s. d., professor V. Y. Gladchenko, t. s. c., docent L. A. Schebenyuk, t. s. c., assistant professor S. G. Lomov.

An important stage in the life of the department was the introduction in the educational process of new developments in the field of cables, especially fiber-optical communication lines. Professor B. G. Naboka and Associate Professor H. V. Besprozvannyh developed new courses “Optic-fiber technology physical basis”, “Optical cables calculation and design”, “Information cable networks”, “Global and local cable networks” that allowed to prepare engineers-technologists, designers and researchers in this important area for the plants “Pivdencabel” and “Odeskabel” which provide for 70-80% of the fiber optic cables domestic market.

Educational work part at the department is the research conducted by faculty, graduate students and the department staff. You can list only some of the most important research direction that have significant contribution to the domestic science development.

Since the department establishment main research focus was the creation of operating at high temperatures and pressures high-voltage capacitors with solid impregnation capable. It was the energy storage specifically for space research and technology optical-electronic, converting devices and shifting food chain electrical boer (V. Y. Gladchenko, S. V. Bynkov, A. V. Zudyn). Work was carried out on a high theoretical level. For capacitors impregnation and research partial discharges were protected 2 doctoral thesis (B. G. Naboka and Chan Ky Phuc from Vietnam, 4 theses (A. V. Bezprozvannyh, L. A. Schebenyuk, V. Y. Gladchenko, S. F. Staruseva).

The research results were presented in the textbook “Capacitor calculation and design” (V. T. Rennes, J. V. Bahaliy, I. D. Frydberh, 1966), “Handbook for electrical capacitors modes calculation” (O. L . Mezenin, M. N. Hurayevskyy, V. V. Konotop, B. G. Naboka, 1987), the training manuals “Process control epoxy rubbers for electrical-engineering” (V. Y. Gladchenko H. V. Bezprozvannyh, B.G. Naboka), “Physical principles liquid dielectrics viscosity and performance polymer melt fluidity measuring” (2000) and the manual B. G. Naboka “Electrostatic fields calculations in the electrical-engineering” (1995).

In 80-90 years, the Soviet Union and Ukraine paid much attention to the search for natural resources − notably oil and gas − in the reclaimed Eastern Siberia areas and the Krasnoyarsk Territory, the Black, Azov and Baltic seas near the Sakhalin island. The requirement was one − to replace boring and blasting as a acoustic wave source deep in the earth and water basins new, environmentally friendly seismic wave source. Among pneumatic, gas dynamics, shock proposed by the electrodynamics department capacitive energy storage source was the most suitable for this purpose.

Important role in training plays the department branch at the “Pivdenсabel”, which has about 100 graduates. The plant became a real school classes for many who have graduated KhPI. The desire CEO V. M. Zolotarev factory plant do the best in the industry, new developments in production, the new equipment using − give the results. “Pivdencabel” – the only plant in Ukraine producing power cables with plastic isolation for the 110 kV voltage, optical cables production develops, self-sustaining wires, new types of enameled wire, and the plant product range are 1,450 items. Course and diploma design, laboratory work students performed on modern equipment on the plant theme. The best student works are awarded with plant prizes. The students leaders are the best “Pivdencabel” specialists − t. s. c. Zolotarev V. M., t. s. c. Karpushenko V. P.,  t. s. c. Antonets J. A., Chuvurin N. P. − the department graduates, which determine the plant technical policy.

The main thing is that the Department of Plant and concurred: science and production should support and complement each other. This work result is the study guide and tutorial on cable technology (V. P. Karpushenko, L. A. Schebenyuk, A. A. Naumenko, Y. A. Antonets).

At this time, products must meet international standards. Together with the plant from 1999 at the Technical Committee Department TC 131 “Electrical insulation and cable technique» state consumer standardization Ukraine, which includes 20 organizations such as manufacturers, cable factories Ukraine, consumers.

For 1999-2005, the committee created more than 60 state standards of Ukraine, adapted to international standards. Much attention is paid to this issue Faculty: Associate Professor L. A. Schebenyuk − scientific secretary TC 131, engineer V. A. Danilin, professor B. G. Naboka, associate professor Lomov S. G. − the subcommittee on diagnostics с hairman of isolating structures and isolation. Subcommittee on diagnostics works closely with TC 79 “Nuclear energy” and TC 25 “Fire safety and fire trucks”.

During undertakings professor B. G. Naboka solve complex scientific and technical task − to determine the remaining life of nuclear power plants cable lines. Actively participate in this senior lecturer Laktionov S. V., t. s. c. Fedyay A. S., t. s. c. Moskvitin E. S. and students. Professor H. V. Bezprozvanyh on this scientific direction doctorate.

Now the main problem is the upgrading of educational and scientific equipment, equipping with modern computer technology. Factory “Pivdencabel” provides assistance in this matter. Department gets some necessary equipment by economic contracts, but mainstream − training and conduct research on the equipment of leading enterprises and companies operating on a global level.

Electrical insulation and cable technique department is confident in the future!

Ph. D Kessayev A. G., Head of Department.