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The Institute of Postgraduate Studies in Educational Institutions of the Ukrainian SSR was established in 1922 in accordance with the “Regulations on the Procedure for Training Researchers at Universities and Research Institutes.” This document marked the beginning of a system of training to meet the needs of the national economy and culture in highly qualified employees, and the university – the teaching staff. In 1922, a postgraduate department was opened at the Kharkiv Technological Institute.

The Kharkiv Technological Institute (formerly the Practical Technological Institute) has been training scientific and pedagogical staff since the institute was founded. Research work was carried out by university departments, which were headed by prominent scientists, professors – recognized researchers in a particular field of knowledge. For example, among the pupils of a prominent scientist, Professor OP Ledova graduate of HTI in 1898 Fokin SO – a well-known scientist, professor, continued research in the field of fats. He taught at the Kiev Polytechnic Institute. He supervised the construction of an industrial plant for the hydrogenation of oils on foot in Russia.

At the time of the organization of graduate school at the Kharkiv Institute of Technology, there were 5 graduate students enrolled under the previous, pre-Soviet regulations. In 1922, 14 more graduate students were admitted, among them V.M. Kiyanitsa, S. Aronovich, V. Maizel, F.A. Жмарев, О.О. Belikov and others. In 1923, 6 more people were approved as graduate students: at the Department of Agricultural Machinery – O.D. Bruskin and V. Kasterin, at the chemical departments – G.L. Yukhnovsky, LM Mayer, M.I. Nekrich.

Among the graduate students it is worth noting Yukhnovsky Grigory Lazarevich – a famous chemist, organizer and first head of the Department of Chemical Technology of Varnishes, Paints and Varnishes, Professor, Deputy Director of HTI (1937 -1939); Bruskin Alexander Davidovich – the first chief engineer of the Kharkiv Tractor Plant, director of the Chelyabinsk Tractor Plant, People’s Commissar of Heavy Industry of the USSR; Pidhorony AM, Professor, Deputy First Director of the Kharkiv Institute of Mechanical Engineering, Okombi Sais Andre, Ph.D., Professor, Minister of Science and Education of the Republic of Congo, Arus Mohammed Habib, Ph.D., Professor, University of Lattakia ( Syria), director of the refinery, etc.
Postgraduate studies at NTU “KhPI” provide training for graduate students in engineering in almost the entire range of specialties of engineering and instrument-making industries, as well as biological, economic, pedagogical, military specialties.

Scientific supervision of postgraduate students is carried out by more than 160 doctors of sciences, professors and more than 300 candidates of sciences, associate professors.
Postgraduate training is conducted at all faculties of the university. Foreign citizens also have the opportunity to study in graduate and doctoral studies at the university. Recently, foreign graduate students from Lebanon, China, Iraq, Vietnam, Nigeria, Syria, Tunisia, Egypt, Kuwait and others are studying at the university.

Since 1950, more than 4,000 people have defended PhD theses and 420 doctoral dissertations. Thus, the significant contribution of NTU “KhPI” postgraduate studies in the formation and development of scientific and industrial potential of our country, in the education of scientific and technical intelligentsia, training of scientific and pedagogical staff of higher qualification for the national economy and, in particular, higher education teachers.