About the Faculty

The history of the Faculty began in 1996 when National Technical University (nowadays NTU “KhPI”) and University of Internal Affairs (nowadays Kharkiv National University of Internal Affairs) signed the contract on cooperation in the sphere of educational services. As a consequence of the cooperation of educational institutions, the Faculty of Economy and Law (EL) was founded. The purpose was to train students simultaneously in two specialities – Management and Law. For this purpose, the integrated curriculum, which contains disciplines of educational and professional programs on two specialities, was created. The Doctor of Engineering, professor Ivin Leonid Mykolayovych was the head of the faculty.

The first intake of 73 students (full-time tuition), and 56 ones (postal tuition) was in 1996. The building of the faculty was equipped with audiences, computer labs, a library, reading rooms, and a cafeteria.

The first graduation of Bachelors of Management took place in 2000, and in 2001 Bachelors of Law finished their studying. The first specialists graduated from the faculty in 2002. The graduates of EL gained two degrees: the degree in Economy and Management (NTU “KhPI” diploma) and the degree in Law (KhNUIA diploma).

In 2007 EL was reorganised into the Faculty of Integrated Training (IT), and since 2008 it has been headed by Professor Andrii Volodymyrovych Kipenskyi. In 2009 several departments joined IT. They were the department of Philosophy (the head of the department was Associate Professor Bardin O.M.), the department of Ethics, Aesthetics, and Cultural History (the head of the department was Associate Professor Petutina A.A.)

The Academic Council was established (the academic secretary is Associate Professor Vandysheva-Rebro N.V.). The faculty started publishing its own Bulletin of NTU “KhPI”, a series of “Actual problems of of Ukrainian society development.”

At the beginning of 2016 the Faculty of Integrated Training was renamed into the Faculty of Social and Humanitarian Technologies (SHT) . Different departments (with their contingent of students which was more than 800 people) joined SHT: the department of business foreign language and translation (the head of the department is Professor Badan A.A.), the department of intelligent computer systems (the head of the department is Professor Sharonova N.V.), the department of pedagogics and psychology of social systems management (the head  of the department is Professor Romanovskyi O.G.), the  department of  sociology and political science (the head  of the department is Professor Burega of V.V.), the department of physical education (the head of the department is Associate professor Yushko O.V.).

In 2018, in accordance with the decision of the Academic Council of NTU “KhPI”, the departments of history of science and technology (the head was Professor Sklyar V.M.) and political history (the head was Professor Nikolayenko V.I.) joined the faculty.