September 1, 1964 at the Kharkiv Polytechnic Institute on the initiative of the Hero of Socialist Labor, Academician Atroshchenko Vasyl Ivanovich – vice-rector of KhPI and professor, Doctor of Technical Sciences. Goncharenko Hryhoriy Kostyantynovich – Head of the Department of General Chemical Technology, Processes and Apparatus, the Department of Automation of Chemical Production was organized. The organizers of the department were prof. Ph.D. Yefimov V.T. and Prof., Ph.D. Lytvynenko I.I.

For 27 years, the department was managed by Prof., Ph.D. Yefimov Vyacheslav Tikhonovych, for 22 years the department was headed by Prof., Doctor of Technical Sciences. V. I. Toshinskyi, from 2013 to 2023, the department was headed by Prof., Doctor of Technical Sciences. M.O. Podustov, and from September 2023, the department was headed by Associate Professor, Ph.D. Dzevochko O.M.

During the more than 60-year history of the department, more than 2,000 specialists in the field of automation of technological processes have graduated (including 60 people for foreign countries). 12 doctors and more than 50 candidates of technical sciences have been trained. 8 monographs, more than 2,500 articles, over 100 patents and copyright certificates for inventions have been published based on the developments of the department.

Among the graduates of the department, the greatest creative successes were achieved by State Prize winners V.I. Molchanov, N.P. Obozny, V.N. Karapetyan, V.M. Krivonosov, I.A. Kysil, V. Molchanov, directors of the largest scientific institutes and industrial enterprises. I., Prytyka G.V., Maleev O.I., Mykhailov V.S., heads of departments of professor Yu.V. Biryukov, V.V. Berezutskyi, M.M. Nazaryan, V.I. Toshinskyi, M. Podustov .O., Khudoley H.M.

The department was the base for the implementation of two European projects IB JEP-10319 “Postgraduate training of engineers” and IB JEP-21115 “Creation of a system of professional development of municipal services in Ukraine”. Within the framework of these projects, the Regional Center of Economic Management was created at the department. Professors from the Lyon Higher School of Engineering, the Claude Bernard University of Lyon, the Autonomous University of Barcelona and the University of Granada (Spain) participated as foreign partners in the projects.

The department conducts extensive research work on the creation of automated energy-saving and ecologically oriented technological complexes.

Fundamental scientific work is carried out within the framework of the program of the Ministry of Education and Science under the project “Mathematical modeling of energy-saving processes as the basis of environmentally oriented and environmental technologies.” These works gained international recognition and were carried out jointly with leading universities in the USA, Europe – with the Manchester Institute of Technology (UK) under the INTAS program, as well as with the University of Iowa (USA) under the USTC program.

Applied research work performed by the department is related to the development of automated technological systems and complexes using modern automation tools, microprocessor and computer equipment commissioned by Crimean Soda Plant OJSC, NPO FED, Sumykhimprom OJSC, NIOKHIM, Orkhim JSC, Severodonetsk.

Since 2004 the department trained specialists and masters in two specialties – “Automated control of technological processes” and “Computer-integrated technological processes and production.” Pupils and followers of the scientific school of academician V.I. Atroschenko – Prof. Litvinenko I.I., Prof. Pechenko T.I., Prof. Babichenko A.K., 8 candidates of technical sciences took part in the educational process and scientific research.

The department participates in the organization of annual international conferences and regularly presents its scientific achievements at international exhibitions.

In recent years, the department has created two new training laboratories “Computer – integrated technologies” and “Devices and environmental monitoring systems,” on the basis of which the All-Ukrainian training center for retraining specialists of industrial enterprises in the field of automation of technological processes was created.

In different periods of time, outstanding Ukrainian scientists had a decisive influence on the development of our department

Vasily Atroschenko  – the initiator of the creation of the Department of Automation of Chemical Production. World-famous scientist in the field of technology of inorganic substances, Hero of Socialist Labor, laureate of the Peace Prize, laureate of the State Prize, academician of the Ukrainian Academy of Sciences, professor, doctor of technical sciences, head of the department “Technologies of Inorganic Substances” from 1937 to 1986 Under his leadership, the department “Technologies of Inorganic Substances” in 1957 began training automation specialists.
Vyacheslav Efimov  – professor, doctor of technical sciences, student of academician Atroschenko V.I. For a long time he headed the department of AСP. Under his leadership, in 1964 the Department of ACP was organized and for 25 years training of automation engineers was carried out.


Igor Litvinenko – professor, candidate of technical sciences, student of academician Atroschenko V.I., deputy head of the department of ACP, one of the organizers of the department of ACP. He made a huge contribution to the educational work of the students of the department.


Vladimir Toshinsky   – academician of the Ukrainian Ecological Academy of Sciences, professor, doctor of technical sciences, student of academician Atroschenko V.I., since 1990 to 2013. Head of the Department of ACP (ACTS and EKM). Under his leadership, new specialties were opened at NTU “KhPI” in the direction of “Automation and computer-integrated technologies,” scientific developments in the field of environmental monitoring were carried out, the technical base of the department was updated.
Mikhail Podustov  – professor, doctor of technical sciences, author of more than 360 scientific and educational works, 43 text-books, 10 textbooks, 42 copyright certificates and patents for inventions. Since 2013 until 2023 Head of the Department of AHTS and EKM (ATS and EM). Scientific activity is connected with the solution of the most urgent problems regarding control systems in ecologically-oriented energy and resource-saving production of surfactants: obtaining modern safe surfactants, foaming agents for extinguishing fires. The technology developed by him for obtaining surfactant at increased pressure for the first time solves the problem of excluding liquid and gaseous emissions to the environment.


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