Institute of Compruter Modeling, Applied Physics and Mathematics

Department of Technology System Automation and Ecology Monitoring

The department is engaged in the training of specialists (bachelor’s and master’s degrees) in the development and operation of computer-integrated and automated control systems of various objects and processes and industries (household, food, oil and gas processing, chemical, etc.).

The department invites applicants for the specialty

174 – Automation, computer-integrated technologies and robotics

according to the educational program

“Computer technologies and programming in automated control systems”

and educational trajectory

“Computer-integrated production and applied programming”

by bachelor’s and master’s forms of education.


The specialty “Automation, computer-integrated technologies and robotics” is a modern Hi-Tech specialty, which is a combination of classical engineering education in the field of automation with in-depth study of computer information technologies and special software.
Training of specialists simultaneously combines different directions: automation of technological processes, programming, mathematical modeling and robotics.

In today’s world, there is a high demand for automation specialists because only they can develop computer-integrated control systems, that is, combining a technological process with a computer control system that work as a whole without human intervention.

The advantage of the specialty, compared to traditional IT specialties, is the combination of software and hardware parts, writing software for real production processes.

This enables graduates to successfully work as developers of software and hardware for robotics, embedded systems, cars, smart homes, hold leadership positions in automation and metrology departments, and realize themselves in the IT field as project managers, quality assurance engineers software, system administrators

For those who are interested – briefly about automation

What will you study?
– basics of robotics
– computer-integrated technologies
– algorithmization and programming of automated control systems
– computer modeling of processes and control systems
– software for industrial controllers (SIEMENS, VIPA, FESTO, AKUTEK, etc.)
– computer and industrial networks
– technologies and programming languages
– databases.

You will be able to work:
– Programmer engineer of ASUTP;
– Programmer technician (industrial automation)
– Analyst of software complexes and computer-integrated systems;
– Specialist in computer control systems, automation and information processing (IndustrialEngineer, Qualityengineer, ProductionPlanner, etc.);
– Production process organization engineer