Training base

Instrumentation Laboratory

The laboratory provides training in measuring and monitoring of technological processes. The laboratory is equipped with typical primary transducers and secondary devices widely used in modern industries: means of measuring flow, pressure and level “Sapphire,” “Safir,” “AIR,” temperature sensors, pyrometers MiniTerm, Nimbus, secondary devices, pH-meters.

In the laboratory, classes are held on courses:

– Basics of measurements

– Process measurements and instruments

– Technical means of automation

Installation, repair and adjustment of devices and automation tools

Computer Simulation Laboratory

It consists of two computer rooms. In the laboratory, students master the skills of working on a computer and using modern office equipment, as well as the methods of modern computer technology. Equipped with modern computer equipment, printers, large-format plotter. Computers are combined into a local network, which is a subnet of the university’s computer network with access to the Internet.

In the laboratory, classes are held on courses:

Optimization and moderation of technological processes

Automated process control systems

Computer Integrated Technology and CAD Software

Computer-integrated technologists

Networks of automated control systems

and others.

Automatic control laboratory.

The laboratory provides training in technical means of automation, as well as methods of automated control of technological systems. The laboratory is equipped with microprocessor means “Remicont,” “Protar,” “RTE,” “ARIES PLC,” a complex of technical means “Tone,” electronic regulators of the series “CASCADE,” actuators MEO, ESPA, pneumatic devices “Start,” secondary devices and recorders.

In the laboratory, classes are held on courses:

Executive mechanisms and regulatory authority

Reliability and diagnosis

Automation of continuous and periodic processes

Process systems and complexes

Laboratory of Environmental Control and Monitoring.

In the laboratory, students are trained in modern means of environmental control and environmental monitoring, learning to work on modern environmental equipment. Equipped with chemiluminescent, optical absorption and other sensors and devices of the world’s leading companies – Testo-350M/XL, Drager MSI-150 Compact, Drager MiniWarm, Bosh 3-250, Merck, MultiLine, OxyTop.

In the laboratory, classes are held on courses:

Methods and devices of environmental control

Energy saving and environmental systems

Ecological safety.