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The chair obtained its name in 1920 after merging of Women’s polytechnic institute with Kharkiv technological institute. The name «The theory of mechanisms, machines and robots» was obtained in 1991. The current name «Theory and Computer-Aided Design of Mechanisms and Machines» was obtained in 2005. Dr. Mykola A. Tkachuk headed the chair since January 2003. He is a specialist in machinery, computer modelling, dynamics and strength of machines, computer aided design systems and researching of complex mechanical systems. The stuff includes 3 professors, 2 Doctor of Science, 12 Doctor of Philosophy, 6 postgraduate, 6 Doctor of Philosophy candidates. The new specialty «Informational technologies of design and computer simulation» was opened in 2004. The graduates of specialty have deep universal and fundamental engineering background in combination combined with excellent knowledge of computer simulation methods. The editors colleague for «Bulletin of National technical university «Kharkiv polytechnic institute» by specialization «Machinery and Computer aided design» was created in 2005. This journal is included to the list of specialized publications of Ukraine and is published by different series. That series corresponds to different research directions of university scientists. Results for researches in kinematic, dynamic, stress and strain state of machine elements are presented in bulletin. Also, it includes methods, models and systems of their automatic design. There is another bulletin «New solutions in modern technologies». The papers which connected with machine building, energetics, technologies of organic and inorganic substances, ecology, informational technologies and systems of management are presented in this bulletin.

The areas of research:

  • theoretical basis of computer simulation of processes in complex mechanical systems;
  • theoretical basis of analysis and synthesis of machine and mechanism elements;
  • development of specialized program and models systems for research of most loaded elements of machines;
  • researching of complex biomechanical systems (segments of the human spine with endoprostheses, the modeling cervical orthoses, the modeling of prosthetic joint operations with the use of metal-ceramic prostheses);
  • calculation of gears and methods of geometrical synthesis of complex gearing;
  • simulation of mechanical and electrochemical processes of material degradation;
  • simulation of reactions on different static, dynamic and impulse excitation on elements of special purpose vehicles;
  • simulation and research of dynamics of machine building constructions and elements of equipment;
  • analysis and synthesis of overhead cranes;
  • theoretical basis of cluster computers technologies for processes simulation;
  • solution of applied tasks for industrial and consulting companies.

The center «Tensor» was created to implement the most modern technologies of design, production and investigation in scientific and educational process in National technical university «Kharkiv polytechnic institute»..

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