Our projects.

Solid oxide fuel cells


Solid oxide fuel cells and
oxygen permeable membranes investigation

Presentation, PDF 1.5 Mb


high power wind-powered generator


Effectiveness increase of high power wind-powered generator

Presentation, PDF 450 Kb







Energy-efficient technologies
for mechanical engineering

Presentation, PDF 720 Kb





Definition of bending teeth endurance
by modeling of fatigue processes

Presentation, PDF 380 Kb



Metallurgy and mechanical engineering


Generation of energy-efficient technologies and equipment for
metallurgy and mechanical engineering

Presentation, PDF 750 Kb




Developing of energy-efficient technologies and
equipment for large-dimension casting

Presentation, PDF 1.2 Mb




Developing of energy-efficient
technologies for metallurgy

Presentation, PDF 3 Mb



special purpose transport vehicle


Implementing energy-efficient technologies
for special purpose transport vehicles

Presentation, PDF 1.6 Mb

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