The first graduation of masters s in the specialty 123 “Computer Engineering” by studied in English

On December 1, 2022, at the Department of Computer Engineering and Programming, the thesis of the first graduation of masters who studied in English in the specialty 1️⃣2️⃣3️⃣ “Computer Engineering” was defended under the educational program “Modern Programming, Mobile Devices and Computer Games”🎮📱💻.



During the period of study, students from China🇨🇳 and Azerbaijan🇦🇿 received professional knowledge and skills in the field of information technology, in particular, they learned to build and use mathematical and computer models in the field of information technology, formulate new tasks of research and design of computer systems, networks at a professional level and software products, produce and make decisions on their solution based on system analysis and professional knowledge and practical skills.


Interesting and varied theses were presented for the defense:
🔹”Development of a security system with a presence imitation device for a “smart building””
🔸”Research on the capabilities of artificial neural networks for binary image recognition”
🔹”Automating failure risk detection using a neural network”
🔸”Research on data classification methods”


🎉All students defended excellently✌️
They will all continue their careers in the IT industry. 👏

We wish them success!🤗