Sergey Galkin

Associate Professor, Ph.D.

Areas of professional interests: artificial neural networks, machine learning, deep learning and pattern recognition, remote sensing and processing of multispectral images, ensuring electromagnetic compatibility of electronic means, electronic document management systems

Author more than 70 scientific and educational publications

Professional development:

  • Conferring an academic title of Associate Professor of the Department of Informatics and Intellectual Property (certificate 12DC No. 044371 09/29/2015)
  • Distance course “Mathematics and Python for Data Analysis” from the online resource Coursera in partnership with the University of Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (certificate dated 03/14/2017)


  • Mathematical Methods for Operations Research
  • Decision theory
  • Computer-aided design technologies
  • Data consolidation technologies and tools
  • Technologies and means of representation and search of knowledge
  • Probability theory and foundations of mathematical statistics
  • Basics of organizing databases and knowledge

Personal profiles: