«Nonlinear Solid and Continuum Mechanics»

The scope of the symposium on Nonlinear Solid and continuum Mechanics is focused on the discussion of recent results obtained in the field of nonlinear mechanics, mathematical and computational modelling in mechanics and its applications in the engineering problems.

The following topics of the symposium are proposed:

  • mathematical modelling of complex materials and their nonlinear behaviour (composites, smart-, bio- and meta- materials);
  • nonlinear problems of deformation of machines element and structures (nonlinear elasticity, plastisity, contact mechanics);
  • materials and structure damage modelling (the problems of continuum damage mechanics, fatigue, creep).

Scientific Committee Of The Symposium

Prof. Altenbach H. (Magdeburg, Germany) — co-Chairman

Prof. Bobyr M.I.  (Kyiv, Ukraine)

Prof. Breslavsky D.V. (Kharkiv, Ukraine)

Prof. Itskov M. (Aachen, Germany)

Prof. Hryshchak V. Z. (Zaporizhia, Ukraine)

Prof. Kowalewski Z. (Warsaw, Poland)

Prof. Kruch S. (Palaiseau, France)

Prof. Larin O.O. (Kharkiv, Ukraine) — co-Chairman

Prof. Lvov H. Y. (Kharkiv, Ukraine)

Prof. Martynenko H. Yu. (Kharkiv, Ukraine)

Prof. Morachkovsky O.K. (Kharkiv, Ukraine)

Prof. Naumenko К. (Magdeburg, Germany)

Prof. Shukaiev S.M. (Kyiv, Ukraine)

Prof. Yasniy P.V. (Ternopil, Ukraine)

All colleagues interested in organization of Mini-symposium are welcome to send their propositions to the conference organizers.