About the department

The Departmentof Organic Chemistry was not a graduating department at NTU “KhPI”. Most of the course and diploma projects were performed at the graduating technological departments, which is typical also for the present time. Newertheless, the research in the field of organic chemistry, conducted at the Department of Organic Chemistry, and, also, scientific articles, textbooks and educational materials, published by the department, are the pride of the national chemical science.

In September 2018, the management of NTU “KhPI” decided to merge the Department of Organic Chemistry with the Department of “Paints, Varnishes and Coatings”, the latter department is graduating.

The researchers and teachers of the department have developed a new scientific direction in the design and implementation into production of environmentally friendly paints, varnishes and oligomers for multifunctional purposes.

The training of highly qualified specialists has been carried out since 1956.