Scientific directions of the chair

The scientific directions of chair’s research are as follows:

  • the theoretical fundamentals of physicomechanical processes in complex and supercomplex mechanical systems computer simulation;
  • the theoretical fundamentals of mechanisms and cars elements analysis and synthesis;
  • specialised software-modelling complexes and CAD/CAM/CAE models creation for basic and most loaded elements of cars, gears and apparatuses research;
  • complex biomechanical systems research (segments of a spine column with endoprosthesises, simulation orthosises cervical department of a backbone,  prosthetics operations of joints with threw-ceramic artificial limbs application simulation);
  • gearings calculations and geometrical synthesis methods of difficult coggings research;
  • special purpose vehicles elements responses on various static, dynamic and impulse loads   simulation;
  • locomotives frames stress-strain condition research under the traction, weight and dynamic loads;
  • highvoltage windpower elements stress-strain condition simulation;
  • knocking-out inertia mashines with unbalanced drive dynamics and stress-strain condition simulation;
  • traveling crane analysis and synthesis;
  • machining attachments (press tools, moulds, machine-tools) stress-strain condition condition investigation;
  • theoretical fundamentals  of the physicomechanical processes simulation with the computer cluster technologies;
  • applied problems solution for the local industrial factories, domestic and foreign corporations.

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