“Tensor” center.


The “Tensor” center is attached to the department. Its main activity is to introduce the most up-to-date computer design technologies, production and research of elements of machines and mechanisms into the scientific, research and educational fields. The activities of the “Tensor” centre are based on fundamental scientific approach to the educational process of the specialists who represent the new generation. It has mixed financing (budget and commercial). The continuity of its activities is maintained by the continuity of educational process to train specialists in the field «Informational design technologies» for the specialization «Computer modeling of mechanical systems». Scientific and research activities include execution of budget as well as commercial orders and grants. The activities of the centre are based on its own theoretical developments, in particular, the generalized parametric approach to designing, research and production of complex and super-complex mechanical systems. The centre possesses licensed versions of such systems as Pro/ENGINEER, Pro/MECHANICA, ANSYS, WinMachine, Kompas, Inventor. Moreover, the first in Ukraine licensed commercial version of LS-DYNA system is installed in the centre. As hardware provision the system of 2 processor stations is used as well as computing cluster. The centre is relatively independent, it is not a part of some company and it doesn’t advertise a particular software product. The work of the centre is ensured by a large staff of scientists and teachers: doctors and candidates of science, professors and associate professors, and, what is most important, post-graduate students, who represent the future of the centre. There is a special development concept of the “Tensor” centre, which is based on the experience of successful completion of dozens scientific and research projects and educational practice. This concept presupposes the development of the “Tensor” centre into the scientific and educational centre of computer technologies.

Main objectives of activity of centre “Tensor”:

1) Specialists preparation and retraining on the  speciality «Informational technologies for design»;

2) Conducting of scientific researches on optimum projection  of engineering constructions elements on the basis of the deep analysis of physicomechanical processes;

3) CAD/CAM/CAE/PDM software licenses leasing: licensed versions of Pro/ENGINEER, ANSYS, Pro/Mechanica, Inventor, WinMachine, COMPASS, LSDYNA-3D systems are installed in the centre;

4) Creating of the powerful scientific collaboration (professors, teachers, scientific employees, post-graduate students, engineers) for actual, important and complex problems solution in interactive mode;

5) Creation of powerful computing resources for complex and overcomplex systems investigations. There are 2 processor computer stations with the Intel Pentium, Xeon, Core, AMD Athlon MP, Athlon 64, Athlon 64 X2, Opteron processors  installed. They have 2-4 Gb RAM and 0.5-2 Tb HDD each.The 10-nodal computer cluster «Politechnik-125» with the 14 Gb RAM and 5 Тb HDD space is created. All this equipment helps to solve very large and complex tasks. Also unique numerical-experimental method and the numerical-experimental installation, merging a finite element method and interference holography were created.

6) Generalized parametric approach method for complex and overcomplex mechanical systems research was created. It is laid as the basis for specialized integrated systems of computer-aided design, research and manufacturing.

7) The «Tensor» centre is the wavebreaker, which can process the first gust of research;

8) The centre, which doesn’t “sell” this or that CAD system, is quite objectively interested in the relative analysis of possibilities, advantages and disadvantages of these systems;

9) The centre is the bank of projects, which is re-filled during research work, as well as the concentrator and carrier of knowledge databases in different research fields for physical and mathematical processes in complex and super-complex mechanical systems;

10) The centre is an excellent “window” to foreign countries: it exists on the territory of NTU «KhPI», it can also purchase the licensed versions of various software with discount, thus considerably relieving the burden of expenses for our inland companies;

11) The scientific, research and educational centre “Tensor” is probably the best choice for our inland companies to receive services “sharing the cost, in instalment and with discount” ;

12) The centre possesses great experience of successful completion of several dozens scientific and research projects which are carried out after the orders of ministries, companies and international organizations.

Here are the examples of successful projects: according to the order of Kharkov tractor plant the research is carried out of body elements from multi-purpose tractors MT-LB, elements of diesel engines’ cooling systems; for the state plant «Malyshev plant» were computed the transmission elements, casting forms for the production of complex-profile radiator fragments; according to the terms of the grant №1064 of the Scientific and technological centre in Ukraine a research was conducted of densely perforated plates and cover, elements of technological provision, elements of individual protection, plates with T-shaped grooves, press-forms, endoprosthesis; according to the order of JSC «Chief specialized construction and technological institute» were carried out the research of welded frames for the wind bodies of the power sets; elements of mines conveyors were researched for the plant «Svet Shaktera».


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