Aleksandr G. RomanovskiyProfessor, DPhil (Pedagogycal Sciences), Candidate of Engineering

Aleksandr G. Romanovskiy

Head of Department of pedagogy and psychology of social systems management, Laureate of State prize of Ukraine, Corresponding member of the National Academy of Pedagogycal sciences, Academician of Academy of Higher School of Ukraine, Academician of Academy of Political Sciences of Ukraine, DPhil (Pedagogycal Sciences), Candidate of Engineering.

Main scientific interests:
– training of leaders in education, science, industry, economics;
– formation of leadership and creative qualities at graduates of the higher technical school;
– creation of synergetic training system for future psychologists, managers of administrative activity and higher school teachers;
– creation the system of formation spiritual and moral basis of higher school graduates;
– training of future leaders for development and self-development in the conditions of continuous education on the basis of the theory of philosophy, psychology and pedagogy of success achievement;
– formation of national humanitarian and technical elite;
– training of highly qualified specialists in the field of engineering psychology, labour psychology, pedagogical psychology;
– ensuring sequence in professional training of professionals in the professional technical and higher educational institutions;
– improvement of pedagogical skills of higher school teachers;
– implementation of innovative pedagogical methods of training and best practices of teaching.

Taught disciplines: philosophy of success achievement; psychology of success achievement; psychology of management.


Tatyana V. GuraProfessor, candidate of Pedagogical Sciences

Tatyana V. Gura

Professor, candidate of Pedagogical Sciences, the first Deputy Head of the Department on Educational and Methodical Work.

Main scientific interests: pedagogical aspects of personality formation and education, psychology of leadership formation and development, professional teacher’s mastership.

Taught disciplines: introduction to the specialty, leadership psychology in business, gerontopsychology, psychology of business and entrepreneurship, leadership psychology in education, trainings on the development of cognitive processes.

Olga A. IgnatyukProfessor, DPhil (Pedagogical Sciences)

Olga A. Ignatyuk

Professor, DPhil (Pedagogical Sciences), Chairman of the methodical commission on specialty “Pedagogy of the Higher School”.

Main scientific interests:

research on the problems of personal and professional development of subjects of educational process of the higher school; the theory and technique of professional training at the higher school; the development of professionally important qualities of future experts in the conditions of technical university and formation of their readiness for professional activity.

Taught disciplines:

practical training and internship; pedagogical control in education system; fundamentals of pedagogy of higher school; physical culture and psychophysical training.

Vladimir M. MorozProfessor, DPhil. (Public Administration)

Vladimir M. Moroz

Professor, Doctor of Science in Public Administration.

Main scientific interests: management of labor potential development; motivational mechanism of labor activity stimulation; religious and culturological aspects of labor; HR management and organizational development; management of the effectiveness of the functioning of the higher education system and its quality.

Taught disciplines: HR management, theory of organizations



Nina V. PodbutskayaProfessor, DPhil. (Psychology)

Nina V. Podbutskaya

Professor, Doctor of psychology, Head of the methodological commission in the specialty “Psychology”, curator of SHT-15a group.

Main scientific interests: psychological maintenance of professional development of future specialists of the higher technical school.

Taught disciplines: introduction to specialty; age-related psychology; conflictology; fundamentals of professional psychology.


Svetlana N.ReznikDocent, Сandidate of Pedagogical Sciences

Svetlana N.Reznik

Docent, Сandidate of Pedagogical Sciences, Deputy Head of the Department on the Scientific Work, Chairman of the methodical commission on specialty “Administrative Management”.

Main scientific interests: tendencies of higher education development in Ukraine; problems of understanding the taught material by students; interpersonal understanding in the process of communication of a teacher and a student; formation of proficiency and skills of students; technique of administrative training of future experts.

Taught disciplines: fundamentals of higher school pedagogy; technology of administrative activity; psychology of activity and educational management; methodology of teaching psychology.


Zhanna B. BogdanDocent, Candidate of Psychological Sciences

Zhanna B. Bogdan

Head of specialty 053– “Psychology”, Docent of the Department of Pedagogy and Psychology of Social Systems Management by Acad. I.A. Ziaziun, candidate of psychological sciences, doctoral student

Main scientific interests: gender features of the formation of leadership qualities in the process of professional training of students; study of gender characteristics of the manifestation of the individual and characterological qualities of leaders.

The taught disciplines: pedagogical psychology; family psychology; gender psychology; organizational psychology.


Evgenia V. VorobyovaDocent, Сandidate of Pedagogical Sciences

Evgenia V. Vorobyova

Docent, Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences, Curator of department on work with foreigners, the head of specialty “Administrative Management”.

Main scientific interests: : psychological and pedagogical maintenance of the administrative activity.

The taught disciplines: the administrative activity technique; psychology and pedagogy of higher school; technique of teaching in the higher school; management psychology.


Anastasia E. KnyshDocent, Candidate of Psychological Sciences

Anastasia E. Knysh

Docent, Candidate of psychological sciences, Scientific Secretary of the Leadership Center.

Scientific interests: Emotional intelligence and its role for the leadership potential realization. Moral development of personality and its influence on the quality of interaction between people. Psychological distinctions of representatives of various social groups.

The taught disciplines: differential psychology, mathematical methods in psychology, theory and practice of leader’s formation, psychology of management, general psychology.

Natalya V. SeredaDocent, Candidate of the History of Arts

Natalya V. Sereda

Docent, Candidate of the History of Arts, the Head of specialty “Pedagogy of the Higher School”.

Main scientific interests: oratory, pedagogical rhetoric, spiritual and esthetic education.

Taught disciplines: rhetoric, religious studies, ethics, esthetics, bases of public relations, pedagogical ethics, pedagogical communication and rhetoric.


Alexander S. PonomarevProfessor, Candidate of Technical Sciences.

Alexander S. Ponomarev

Professor, Candidate of Technical Sciences.

Main scientific interests: philosophy of education; philosophy of communication; philosophy of management; logic of human activity; professional culture

Taught disciplines: modeling of activity of the expert; teaching technique at the higher school; philosophy of education; technology of management.


Valentina E. MikhailichenkoProfessor, Candidate of philosophical sciences

Valentina E. Mikhailichenko

Professor, Candidate of philosophical sciences

Main scientific interests: human potential and creation of conditions for his development and realization

The taught disciplines: fundamentals of psychology; philosophy of psychology; pedagogy of success; philosophy of success achievement; psychology of success achievement.

Jurii I. PanphilovDocent, Candidate of Psychological Sciences

Jurii I. Panphilov

Docent, Candidate of Psychological Sciences

Main scientific interests: improving the work efficiency of people working together; psychological and pedagogical conditions for increasing the pedagogical skills of scientific and pedagogical workers. problems of engineering psychology in human-machine systems; Academic group curator.



Boris I. FurmanetsProfessor, Candidate of psychological sciences

Boris I. Furmanets

Professor, Candidate of psychological sciences

Main scientific interests: activity psychology under special conditions, physiology and labour psychology, engineering psychology in people-machine systems

Taught disciplines: psychology and pedagogy; psychology; social and political conflicts; physiology and labour psychology.


Galina V. PopovaProfessor, candidate of psychological sciences

Galina V. Popova

Professor, candidate of psychological sciences, Chairman of the methodical commission on the specialty “Psychology”

Main scientific interests: social and psychological training (successful communication, stress- management, time-management); psychological consulting; metaphorical associative cards; trainings for trainers.

Taught disciplines: social and psychological training; fundamentals of family consulting; social psychology; psychology of additive behaviour.


Tatyana A. SolodovnikDocent, Candidate of pedagogical sciences

Tatyana A. Solodovnik

Docent of the Pedagogy and Psychology of Social Systems Management by acad. I.A. Ziazyn Department, Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences, Docent, the Head of Public Management and Administration Specialty

Main scientific interests: communicative processes in professional and educational activities, problems of modern higher education, personality formation of a modern specialist using educational technologies

Taught disciplines: Didactic systems and educational technologies in high school; Psychology and pedagogy of higher education; Psychological aspects of communication in professional activity; Basics of the scientific research.


Larisa N. GrenDocent, Candidate of pedagogical sciences

Larisa N. Gren

Docent, Candidate of pedagogical sciences, group curator

Main scientific interests: communicative competence of future leader

Taught disciplines: fundamentals of management, psychology.

Andrii I. Cherkashyn Professor, candidate of psychological sciences

Andrii I. Cherkashyn

Professor, candidate of psychological sciences, doctoral student

Main scientific interests: psychological and pedagogical aspects of the formation and education of a leader’s personality, extreme and crisis situations psychology, psychological counselling, theory and practice of positive thinking formation

Taught disciplines: extreme and crisis situations psychology, methodology of psychological expertise in various branches of psychology, practical psychology, basics of scientific research


Irina E. Shtuchenko Candidate of pedagogical sciences

Irina E. Shtuchenko

Candidate of pedagogical sciences

Main scientific interests: professional, life self-determination; destination.

Taught disciplines: General psychology, experimental psychology, theory and practice of psychotherapy.


Anatoly V. DolgarevDocent

Anatoly V. Dolgarev


Main scientific interests: psychological culture of administrative personnel

Taught disciplines: management psychology; HR management; fundamentals of management in energetics; conflict psychology.

Viktoria V. ShapolovaDocent, candidate of pedagogical sciences

Viktoria V. Shapolova

Docent, candidate of pedagogical sciences

Main scientific interests:

psychology; pedagogy; leader team building skills; the formation of the corporate culture of future managers; management training methodology for future specialists; socio-psychological training and game methods in psychological practice; practical psychology.

Taught disciplines:

socio-psychological training, psychophysical training; culture and ethics of the managerial activity; game methods in psychological practice; general psychology workshop; teambuilding psychology.


Olha V. KvasnikDocent, candidate of pedagogical sciences

Olha V. Kvasnik

Docent, candidate of pedagogical sciences, technical editor of the magazine “Theory and Practice of Social Systems Management”

Main scientific interests:

psychology; pedagogy; team building skills and communicative tolerance formation; formation of sociocultural competence of future specialists of technical universities; distance education methodology; socio-psychological training and game methods in psychological practice; practical psychology, national identity, Ukrainian language, informational and innovative technologies in education, rhetoric and PR- technology, philology and editing.

Taught disciplines:

Psychological and pedagogical foundations of teaching; distance education methodology; informational technologies in education; Ukrainian language; game methods in psychological practice; labour psychology; didactic systems in high school; psychology; psychology and teaching methods of professional disciplines.


Karyna O. FalkoDocent, candidate of pedagogical sciences.

Karyna O. Falko

Docent, candidate of pedagogical sciences. Secretary of the Application Committee of the Social and Humanitarian Technologies Department, Deputy Head of the Distance Education Centre NTU “KhPI”, Executive Secretary of the International scientific-practical conference of students and graduate students “Ukraine and the world”, performs the tasks of the curator of the academic group.

Main scientific interests:

deviant behaviour psychology, penitentiary psychology, victim behaviour, disorders of the emotional-volitional sphere, pathopsychological syndromes.

Taught disciplines:

“Anthropology”, “Pathopsychology”, “Psychodiagnosis”, “Clinical psychology”, “Legal Psychology”,”Pedagogy and Psychology of Higher Education” of the full-time and part-time students, and also supervises the implementation of coursework, bachelor’s and master’s degrees graduate works.


Julia H. ChebakovaDocent, candidate of pedagogical sciences

Julia H. Chebakova

Docent, candidate of pedagogical sciences

Main scientific interests: Innovative educational technologies, personal development, psychological aspects of leader’s personality formation, competitiveness of future specialists

Taught disciplines: Psychology of the managerial activity of a leader, theory and practice of leader’s formation, success achievement psychology, Психологія діяльності, theory and practice of the higher education. In 2016 she taught at the Warsaw University according to Erasmus Programme. She gave and English lecture course for psychology students there. She has articles in the professional magazines and also in WEB of Science та Scopus.


Iryna V. KostyriaSenior Lecturer, candidate of pedagogical sciences

Iryna V. Kostyria

Senior Lecturer, candidate of pedagogical sciences, group curator

Main scientific interests:

training leaders in education, industry, economy; formation of leadership position among the graduates of a higher technical school; creation of a practical system for training future psychologists and high school teachers; students’ education

Taught disciplines:

Theory and practice of leader’s formation, psychology of the managerial activity of a leader, pedagogical communication and rhetoric, pedagogical control in the system of education, professional training and activity modelling of a specialist, philosophy of education, conflictology.


Mykola K. ChebotarovDocent, Candidate of pedagogical sciences

Mykola K. Chebotarov

Docent, Candidate of pedagogical sciences

Main scientific interests:

Formation of readiness for adaptive management in the independent practical activity of university graduates, managers-leaders activity in the current market conditions

Taught disciplines:

Management psychology, Technology of the management activity, Psychology, Basic teaching methods in high school


Irina V. HavinaAssistant, candidate of pedagogical sciences,

Irina V. Havina

Assistant, candidate of pedagogical sciences, group curator

Main scientific interests: neuropsychology, biochemical processes in the human body, professional education at the higher school, competence-based approach in the higher school education

Taught disciplines: anatomy and types of a human nervous system, psychophysiology, psychogenetics and fundamentals of human biology and genetics.

Maxim P. CheremskoyAssistant

Maxim P. Cheremskoy


Scientific interests: studying of creative sphere of personality, its abilities and opportunities, development of forms and methods of activization of creative self-expression of personality in the system of professional training of future engineers.

The taught disciplines: psychology