Kateryna I. Lyubitska

LyubitskayaKateryna I. Lyubitska,

PhD, Assistant Professor.

She has been working at the Department of Applied Mathematics since 2001. Graduated from the faculty of engineering physics of NTU «KhPI». She received her M.Sc. degree (diploma with honor) in the field of Dynamics and Strength of Machines in 2001. Qualification is an engineer-mechanic-researcher. During 2001-2007 she was a competitor of post-graduate courses of NTU «KhPI». She defended her Ph.D. in Solid Mechanics (specialty number is 01.02.04) in 2013 (The title is “The stress-strain state of flexible orthotropic plates and shallow shells with complex plan form”).

She worked at position of Junior Researcher till 2013.

Since 2014 he has been working at position of Assistant Professor.

The field of scientific interests: nonlinear bending and post-buckling analysis of elements of the thin-walled structions designed by the orthotropic plates and shallow shells with arbitrary planform. Combined application of the R-functions theory and other methods. An elastic foundation and transversal loading and forces in a middle surface are taken into account. Has more than 20 scientific publications.



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