Telecommunications and Radio Engineering

The department “Automatics and Controls in Technical Systems” performs training undergraduate students in the specialty 172 “Telecommunications and Radio Engineering” (TRE) with specialization 172-02 “Telecommunications Equipment in Information and Computer Systems”. This undergraduate program lasts for 4 years divided into 8 semesters. Those students, who successfully finish training, get degree of Bachelor of Telecommunications and Radio Engineering.

Students studying at TRE specialty are trained in the design, implementation and maintenance of information transmission systems via fiber-optic, radio-relay and cable communication lines, local and global computer networks, cellular and radio communication systems.

Students enrolled in the educational program “Telecommunications Equipment in Information and Computer Systems”, gain in-depth system knowledge and skills in electronics, circuit design, programming, information theory and coding, cryptography and data protection, methods of developing and operating transmission systems information on fiber-optic, radio-relay and cable lines of communication, local and global computer networks, basics of routing and administration of telecommunication networks, cloud technologist remote data processing, features of development and operation of multiservice cellular networks of the 3rd and next generations.

The main advantage of the bachelor’s degree program is a balanced combination of theoretical training and the acquisition of practical skills based on modern equipment and professional software. The program has the necessary level of social and humanitarian training and contains a sufficient number of selective disciplines in the specialty.

The main field of activities of the trained specialist:

  • means of transmitting information via communication channels in distributed control and monitoring systems
  • remote data processing systems and cloud technologies
  • development and operation of telecommunications equipment
  • integral digital networks transmitting all types of information (speech, data, video)
  • design, development, configuration of local and global computer networks
  • near-field communication (NFC) techologies, radio frequency identification (RFID) and Internet of Things (IoT) systems
  • fault tolerance and data protection of information from interference and unauthorized access to telecommunication networks

The department has a large scientific and engineering potential, modern material base, conducts scientific research in several promising areas of the specialty profile, which allows to attract students to engineering and scientific activities already in the early stages of training. The best graduates of the undergraduate degree program are invited to enroll in the magistracy, and later they are given the opportunity to start a career in science and continue their postgraduate studies.

Students who study in the educational program “Computerized control systems and automatics”, undergo practical training, carry out diploma projects and work after graduation at the leading enterprises of Kharkiv and Ukraine: State Enterprise “Kharkiv Instrument-Making Plant Named After T.G. Shevchenko”, a group of companies LTD RPI “Hartron”, JSC Research Institute of Radio Engineering Measurements, Kharkiv Morozov Machine Building Design Bureau (KMDB), SE Kharkov Research Institute of Integrated Automation, STC “Institute of Monocrystals”, SPC “Diagnostic Systems”, SPE automatic control systems, etc. Graduates of our department on specialization “Automation and the computer-integrated technologies” now work at such enterprises: LTD RPI “Hartron”, “EchoStar Ukraine”, NIX Solutions Ltd., LLC SPC “Vertical”, STC “Institute of Monocrystals”, LLC “OWEN”, SPE “Stalenergo”, and another.


Diagram of disciplines taught in the educational program “Telecommunications Equipment in Information and Computer Systems” during each semester. General disciplines are shown in gray, specific ones are shown with white, each block contains code, name of discipline and it’s credit score.