125.01 Cybersecurity

of specialty “Cybersecurity”

The specialization was founded in 2017.

There is a possibility of budget and contract training in full-time form.

Duration: 3 years 10 months.
Qualification: “Technical specialist in the field of computer technology”.

Cybersecurity is a set of tools, strategies, security principles, security assurances, risk management approaches, actions, training, insurance and technologies used to protect cyber media, resources of organizations and users. Cybersecurity provides for the achievement and conservation of security features of the resources of the organization or users directed against the corresponding cyber threats.

The main tasks for security are: accessibility, integrity, including authenticity, as well as confidentiality. Cyber ​​security is a prerequisite for the development of an information society.

Students study modern technologies of information security in cyberspace, master the principles of software protection against malware, learn about the processes of creating information security systems and information security management; get knowledge to solve a wide range of tasks in the field of cybersecurity – from the development and application of software and hardware and software protection of information in information and communication systems to the investigation of crimes in cyberspace.

The training plan includes an in-depth study of the following areas:

  • Modern technologies of safe programming;
    • cryptography and steganography;
    • antivirus protection of computer systems;
    • protection of computer networks;
    • applied cryptology.

Basic Special Educational Disciplines:

Programming, the basics of information security, cryptosystems and cryptographic protocols, circuit engineering of information security devices, information security management, software protection, web resource security, and others.