Military Department

3rd year students are given the opportunity to study at the military department in the direction of training “Supply of rocket fuel and fuel” for the military specialty “Fuel and lubricants (PMM)”. The training is conducted by the Department of Military Training of  National Technical University “Kharkiv Polytechnic Institute” located at 61034, Kharkiv, Poltavsky Shliakh str., b. 192 (St. Kholodna Hora) tel. (057) 376-72-74

Rules for selecting students for training reserve officers

Students of the second year of full-time study of higher educational establishments in accordance with the Law of Ukraine “On General Military Duty and Military Service” are involved in the competitive selection for training under the reserve officers program.

Military training is carried out by citizens of Ukraine (including females), suitable for military service on the state of health and moral and business qualities, if they have not reached the age of 25 at the beginning of military training.

Students undergo military training at the expense of funds received from legal entities or individuals as fees for services related to training (under contract).

The target cost of training is 8000 UAH. (First and second semesters of studies – 3700 UAH., Third and fourth semesters – 4300 UAH.)


The order of selection of candidates for studying

Students who have expressed a desire to undergo military training, in March, apply to the dean of the IT department, along with photocopies of the attestation certificate and the first page of the passport of a citizen of Ukraine.

The statement must contain the following information:

  • surname, first name and patronymic of the student;
  • the number of the training group and the name of the faculty in which it is studying;
  • eligibility for military service on the state of health (according to the record in the certificate of affiliation);
  • passing of regular military service;
  • Motivation of the student for passing the military training and his duties to fulfill the requirements that apply to students during military training.

Procedure for conducting introductory tests

During the course of the competitive selection, the student must have at his or her passport a citizen of Ukraine and an attestation certificate. Students are not allowed to undergo competitive selection without these documents.

Competition selection is conducted in May according to the schedule according to the following criteria:

  • assessment of the student’s success in the university;
  • eligibility for military service for health reasons;
  • professional psychological selection;
  • assessment of students’ pre-accreditation program;
  • assessment of the level of physical training of students.
  1. The student’s success rate is assessed on the basis of examinations in a higher educational institution for the semesters preceding the beginning of military training, and is defined as the product of multiplying the average score for the completed examinations by 100. (The maximum number of points is 500)
  2. The suitability of a student for military service on the state of health is determined on the basis of the decision of the military medical commission of the army, as reflected in its certificate.
  3. In the presence of restrictions on the state of health, the student is sent to an additional medical examination by the Military Medical Commission of the district (city) military commissariat at the place of his military registration.
  4. Professional psychological selection of students for studying the program of reserve officers is carried out by psychologists by psychological tests (HAL, PDT, R).
  5. In order to determine the level of knowledge from pre-accreditation, students are tested, consisting of 5 tasks in writing and 5 tasks on the practical implementation of standards (techniques). The number of points for each test task is 20 points, the maximum number of points is 200. Students who scored less than 100 points from the maximum number of points during the test, will be deducted from the number of candidates for military training.
  6. Assessment of the level of physical fitness of students is determined by the results of the practical implementation of physical exercises (pulling on the translated, running at 100 meters, running at 3000 meters). All exercises are accepted in one day. To perform physical exercises, one attempt is given.

The level of physical fitness of candidates is evaluated as a “passed” or “not passed”.

In order to obtain an assessment of a student’s “score”, it should be scored at least 70 points, comply with norms not lower than:

  • Tightening on the crossbar – 10 times;
  • running at 100 meters – 14.9 seconds;
  • Running for 3000 meters – 13 min. 05 sec

On condition of receiving an ” not passed ” student, a student from the number of candidates for military training is deducted.

The sum of the points obtained by the student on the results of the tests, taking into account the results of professional psychological selection and methodological review, is the student’s rating.

For passing military training, students who have a higher rating according to the results of the competitive selection are enrolled.