For entrants

Dear entrants!

Faculty “Computer and Information Technologies” invites you to study in the following specialties:

  • 123 Computer Engineering;
  • 125 Cybersecurity;
  • 151 Automation and computer-integrated technologies;
  • 152 Metrology and information-measuring technique;
  • 172 Telecommunications and radio engineering.


Ukraine is moving through an innovative way of developing the economy, which determines the importance and necessity of high technologies. The key to success is the intelligence and education of the nation. Studying in such a powerful institution of higher education as NTU “KhPI” creates conditions not only for obtaining a prestigious diploma, but also, above all, allows self-realization and providing a decent life in the future.

General rules of entry are described on the page of the admission committee NTU “KhPI”.

The training of entrants is carried out by:

Preparatory courses of NTU “KhPI”

Preparatory courses NTU “KhPI” offers preparation for admission for entrants and pupils from 10 to 18 years.

Contact Information:
Kyrpychova str., 2, Kharkiv, 61002
+38 (063) 615-71-39
+38 (057) 707-62-31

Elementary school “Polytechnic”

In order to prepare carefully for the entrance to the NTU “KhPI”, entrants are invited to join the elite school “Polytechnic”, which annually holds a set of 11-grade students, graduates of technical schools and colleges for preparation for external testing.

Additional information and entries for classes by phone:
• mobile: +38 (066) 206-52-57;
• stationary: +38 (057) 757-39-97.

School “IT-Kids”

For children from 10 to 16 years of age there is an opportunity to study at the school of programming and robotics “IT-Kids”, during classes in which children receive programming skills, creation of WEB-sites, work with vector and raster graphics, animation, 3D modeling, mathematical logic and robotics. Classes are conducted by experienced teachers of the department “Computer Engineering and Programming” with the use of modern equipment.
Additional information and entries for classes by phone:
+38 (067) 579-30-82, +38 (050) 300-76-47 Sergey Gennadievich;
+38 (098) 427-01-52 Olena Petrovna.