To enter the 1st year in the specialty 181 “Food Technology” you need to have certificates of independent testing in three subjects:

  • Ukrainian language (obligatory);
  • mathematics (profile)
  • Chemistry, biology, physics, foreign language, geography, history of Ukraine (optional)

Information on general issues:
Deputy Head of the Department,
Associate Professor Berezka Tetyana Oleksandrivna
+38 (099) 418-15-08

Entry information:
Associate Professor Matyukhov Dmitry Vladimirovich
+38 (099) 287- 91- 60

Specialty 181 “Food Technology”

The educational and professional bachelor’s program is aimed at the formation of general and professional competencies necessary for the organization of food industry enterprises and solving practical problems to ensure the quality of food products.

The educational and professional master’s program is designed for students who seek to improve their knowledge and skills in food technology in engineering and science. The main task of the master’s training program is to form a broad scientific and technical outlook. The program is balanced in terms of research, teaching, organizational and technological, design and technological activities.

Specialization 181.01 “Technologies of fats, fat substitutes and essential oils”

Technologies of fats, fat substitutes and essential oils are technologies used in the field of development and mass production and storage of all types of fats, oils, oils, as well as fat-containing products and products of complex processing of oil raw materials.
Specialists in the technology of fats, fat substitutes and essential oils include both traditional and new food technologies.

The main disciplines that make up the professional training:

  • Chemistry of fats.
  • Innovative fat processing technologies.
  • Quality control and safety of oil and fat products.
  • Technological equipment for oil and fat production.
  • Scientific and practical bases of technology of fats and fat substitutes.
  • Technological calculations, accounting and reporting in the industry.
  • Modern technologies of fat substitutes.
  • Current issues of fat extraction technologies.
  • Engineering design of oil and fat industry technologies

Specialization 181.02 “Technologies of fermentation and winemaking products”

Fermentation and winemaking technologies are technologies for the development, mass production and storage of all types of products produced by the fermentation industry.

The sphere of activity of specialists in the technology of fermentation and winemaking products is the alcoholic beverage, wine, brewing and non-alcoholic industries of the food industry.

The main disciplines that make up the professional training:

  • Fundamentals of fermentology.
  • Scientific and practical bases of fermentation productions.
  • Current issues of brewing.
  • Biochemistry of malt and beer.
  • Modern technologies of wine and cognac.
  • Technological equipment for fermentation production and winemaking.
  • Quality control and safety of fermentation products and beverages.
  • Technology of water and water treatment of fermentation industries.
  • Current issues of technology of alcohol, alcoholic beverages and soft drinks.
  • Secondary product processing technologies.
  • Technologies of yeast and products of microbial origin.
  • Engineering design of technologies for fermentation production, alcoholic and soft drinks.


Graduates work at the enterprises of the oil and fat complex of Ukraine, breweries and small breweries, distilleries, distilleries, wineries, confectioneries, dairies and other enterprises of the food industry, in particular: