Bachelor’s degree

Bachelor degree in“Computer Science”

– Form of training: Day training
– Branch of knowledge: 12 – Information technology
– Specialty: 122 – Computer Science
– Specialization: Project Management in Information Technology
– Duration: 4 years 
– Qualification obtained: Bachelor of Computer Science

Brief description

The program is intended for those who want to master the technologies of creating information processing systems and manage their development and implementation. In the process of studying under the bachelor’s program, students master the necessary mathematical disciplines, programming languages C ++, C #, JAVA, PHP, and the basics of IT project management. The program is based on the requirements of theInternational Project Management Association (IPMA), PMI, SWEBOK, ISO 21500. Close ties with the businessmen unions of Ukraine and the separate enterprises are established, including IT Directors Community of Ukraine, Nix Solutions, Epam, Sigma. Training in project management techniques and tools is combined with a large amount of practical work aimed at managing projects, programs and portfolios. Graduates have the opportunity to obtain an international certificate of IPMA.

The main special educational disciplines:

  • Algorithmization and programming
  • Algorithms and data structures
  • Object-oriented programming
  • Cross-platform programming
  • Basics of web technologies
  • Designing databases
  • Project Managemen economics
  • OS
  • Organization of databases
  • IT Project Management
  • Mathematical methods of planning
  • Quality and testing of software
  • Modeling of complex systems
  • Numerical methods
  • Operations research
  • System engineering
  • Methods and systems of artificial intelligence
  • System analysis

You can get acquainted with the full list of studied disciplines, on the page “Educational disciplines”

Positions which the specialist in project management can occupy:

  • Project manager, Team Leader;
  • Expert in project management;
  • System Analyst, Business Analyst;

Our graduates work in such companies:

Nix Solutions, GlobalLogic, Epam, Sigma Sofware, Telenor, OEBS Luxoft, Ronis Business Tools, TrendLine, Vaimo, Bridgewater Associates, Promodo, Artjoker, Pipe-X etc. They hold the posotions Project Manager, Business Analyst, Software Engineer, QA Engineer, Business Development Manager etc. The LineUp and A-level companies are headed by our graduates.

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