Department of Sociology and Public Administration

Department of sociology and public administration

National Technical University “Kharkiv polytechnic institute”

Head of Department
Doctor of Sciences in Public Administration, Professor Moroz Volodymyr Mykhailovych



The department of sociology and political science has 50 years of history. It was formed in its present form on the base of department of scientific communism in September 1992. The best traditions are saved and transmitted to young teacher by old stagers –  prof. Nina M. Semke, who were started work in our collective in September, 1974.

Department of sociology and political science today is powerful scientifically-pedagogical collective, that combine successfully in its work high pedagogical skills, the own newest methodological elaborations and results of scientific researches.


Since 2008 our department we have doing preparation students on the professional direction “sociology”, Bachelor degree. Our graduates – sociologists – find a job successfully, they are demanded on the regional labor market.


The main task for our department (besides preparing sociologists) is social and political education for future engineers of different specialties both on the daily and distance teaching forms.  These problems are solved by collective of high qualifying professors and lecturers that includes 11 Ph.Ds.

Professor Valerii Bureha, Doctor of Sociology, Honored worker of education in Ukraine has been the head of the department from 2014 to May 2020. Since June 2020 the head of it is Professor Yurii Kalahin, Doctor of Sociology, honored worker of education in Ukraine.

The collective of a department also includes Ph. D. in sociology, prof. I. Ruschenko

Thanks to high qualifying specialists in sociology, political science and philosophy, which work in the department, the educational process is provided on 100% by educational materials, which prepared with taking into account the newest investigation in sociology and political science, methodical recommendations, tutorials, which always are updated. Such results is a logical consequence of fruitful work, which is conducted by heads of subjected-methodical commissions – associated professor N. Liashenko (sociology) and prof. N. Semke (political science). Professors M. Biriukova, senior lecturers S. Grigor’eva, O. Kozlova are the most actively express themselves in this part of work. The publication and reprint of textbooks and educational-methodical tutorials for based courses are preparing.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAlmost 70 educational courses are developed in the department. There are not only based courses between the last, but auteur courses also, which are taught with using innovative approaches to organization and implementation of the educational process, and the main – to a content of educational disciplines.

Courses taught by prof. Semke N. M., associated professors Agalarova K. A.,        Golovanov B. D., senior lecturers Maliavin Y. V.  are in great demand between students.

The implementation of modern informational technologies in the educational process of teaching some subjects in English – is everyday practice of pedagogical collective activity in the department.

5 professors, 4 associated professors, 4 senior lecturers and 1 assistant are working in our collective. The middle age of the department collective is 46 years. Part of teachers with Ph.D. is 70%. Increasing it to 80% till 2020 year is in plans of department collective.


The scientific work is making within general department topic of investigation: “The development of contemporary Ukrainian society: sociological and political dimensions”.

A collective of department increases and realizes its scientific potential actively. Monographs, textbooks, and teaching aids, professional articles on topical issues of sociology and political science are publish regularly.

The researching activity of the department is highly related with problems of sociology of governance, the effectiveness of management actions on social-economical processes in the society, a sociological support of marketing activity and advertising in organizations, the formation of civil society in Ukraine, studying of the development of university environment, the social-political, public and professional self-determination of students.

Members of the department take part actively in organizations and carrying out of scientific conferences, publish articles in special scientific journals. The regular organization of an international scientific-practical conference “The development of contemporary Ukrainian society: sociological and political dimensions” is in the nearest plans.

The most successful research projects of the department on an international and national levels are:

  • «The dynamics, socio-cultural relations and subjective conditions of the spread of illegal drugs among young people after World War II. The comparative study of dependence in Ukraine, Deutschland and Spain». The project was financed by INCO-Copernicus
  • “Organizational and methodical aspects of drug addiction among adolescents. Events in Ukraine, Deutschland, Spain and Russia”. Results of the research is presented in collective monograph: “The prevention of a drug addiction: organizational and methodical aspects”.
  • “An intellectual modelling of the informational management of a political mentality. The dynamics of the relations of Ukrainian social strata to NATO”. The project was financed by Manfred Woerner grant. The project report was posted on the NATO website.
  • “The elaboration of the quality-policy in the university” (TEMPUS program).
  • “The consumer behavior on the market of wine and soft drinks”.
  • “The staff motivation in the contemporary Ukrainian theatre (on the example of Kharkiv academic theatre of musical comedy)”.

During the past ten years members of the department take part in the sociological support of electoral campaigns of presidential, parliament and local government elections. The coordinator of such activity is senior lecturer Konovalov S. V.

An important scientific and pedagogical reserve of the department, it scientific and pedagogical future is talented youth, which join mass of Ph.D. students of the department each year. It is mostly graduates of the department who have demonstrated a capacity to learning and scientific work. Ph.D. students D. Manoilo, O. Sadovskaya, M. Ekimova have shown the most effective work in selected scientific subjects.

ГорошкоThe laboratory of applied sociology is included in the structure of department, it gives not only an opportunity to acquire professional secrets for students but makes also researches with their assistance. Employees of the laboratory O. Kurando, O. Zubenko, V.Vasilenko, T. Zvereva help students in these projects.

Our students have active life position, participate in civil and youth events on city and regional levels. During semesters the student discussions club “The society and politics” work in the department, students discuss actual questions of civil and political life in this club.

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