Staff of the department is actively expanding and implementing its scientific potential. Monographs, textbooks, and teaching aids, specialized articles relating to actual problems in sociology and political science are regularly published. The department’s research activities are organically connected with the study of the problems of public administration sociology, the effectiveness of managerial influence on the socio-economic processes taking place in society, sociological support of marketing and promotional activities in organizations, the formation of civil society in Ukraine, a detailed analysis dedicated to the issues of development of university education, socio-political, civil and professional self-determination of students. Over the past ten years members of the department took an active part in the organization and implementation of sociological support of election campaigns for Ukrainian politicians.


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Department of Sociology and Political Science carries out scientific research work on the topic:

«Development of the Modern Ukrainian Society: Sociological and Politological Dimensions»

State registration number: 0115U00604;
Contract time: to 25.02.2015. on 31.12.2020;
Head of the research project: Valerii Burega – Doctor of Sociology sciences, professor, Head of Sociology and Political Science Department.

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In 2016, the Department of Sociology and Political Science resumed publication of specialised scientific issue in Sociology



ISSN 2078-8207

State registration certificate series number
КВ 14758-3729 ПР

is devoted to the problems of modern society. It highlights the common conceptual approaches to the study of peculiarities of formation of the Ukrainian society, methodological and instrumental components of Sociological and Political Studies. The authors highlight and analyze the problems of sociology of administration, social communication, social and political technologies, organizational culture and the sociology of conflict, ethnic sociology, negotiate the burning aspects of transformation in the educational system and current social issues.

Resolution of the Presidium of the Higher Attestation Commission of Ukraine included in the list of scientific publications in which the main results of dissertation research in sociology may be posted
                                                                  (Minutes № 1-05 / 2 from 27.05.2009)

Requirements to publications

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The department operates postgraduate studies. Guarantors of its Conformity according to the requirements of MES and quality of the education are: doctors working at the Department of the sociological sciences, professors, the founders of scientific schools:

  1. Burega Valerii Vasiliyevich – founder of the general theory of terror, as well as the creator of the first in Ukraine and CIS countries scientific school of public administration sociology. In the psychological list of his professions are such positions as: author-developer of the theoretical foundations and basic methods of creating specialist in the management of the industry. Author of 9 monographs (5 of them are sole) and more than 200 scientific papers. Under his scientific leadership 2 doctoral and 13 master’s theses on sociology and public administration were defended.
  2. Rushchenko Igor Petrovich – a specialist in the fields of history and theory of sociology, deviantology, sociology of crime, national security sociology, military sociology. He has published over 150 scientific works, among them – 2 textbooks stamped with MES sign. He prepared 6 candidates works. The creator of the basic foundations of the theory of hybrid warfare counter, specialist in the sociology of law and deviant behavior.
  3. Khizhnyak Larisa Mikhailovna – a follower of the scientific school of sociology of organizations and administration, social policy, economic sociology and the sociology of education. She is an author of over 200 scientific papers and teaching aids including 1 sole monograph and some sections in 11 collective monographs, as well as 2 books with the stamp of MES. She prepared 11 candidates of science in sociology and public administration, and 1 Doctor of Social Sciences.

Over the last 3 years at the Department of Sociology and Political Science are 1 and 2 doctoral dissertations were.

Every year the Department of forces held an international scientific-practical conference «Development of modern Ukrainian society: sociological and political dimension».

Students of NTU «KPI» take active part in scientific work at the Department of Sociology and Political Science. They organize annual scientific-theoretical conference of students and graduate students – «Sociology Youth Forum», which is a platform for the experiences exchange of young researchers of higher educational institutions of Ukraine and abroad.

серо-голубая оббивка

For the cooperation options, participation in conferences, research publishing in the collection of scientific papers one can contact Elena Klimenko



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